Vermont Open Farm Week 2020 Live With The Farm

Vermont Open Farm Week 2020 Live With The Farm

This year Sugar Feather Farm participated virtually  in the 2020 Vermont Open Farm Week. We had a wonderful time being a part of this Vermont tradition. We decided because of the pandemic, to do 3 virtual events  on Facebook Live.

During the 2020 Vermont Open Farm Week, you can meet (virtually, or in person) the farmers, plants, and animals that bring your favorite high-quality Vermont products to your plate.

What’s the greatest part about Open Farm Week? Every farm is unique! Find up-to-date lists of participating farms and search by location or product at, your portal to Vermont’s agriculture and culinary experiences.

What can I do at the farms?

  • The activities will vary from farm to farm. Some farms might have demonstrations and tours. Others may have pick-your-own crops, produce for purchase, or animals that you can meet. As mentioned above, this year’s events will focus on those that fit the current pandemic-related social distancing guidelines.

Nicolle of Sugar Feather Farm was live on Facebook on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday to share more about the rare, unique, and heritage types of fowl raised on the farm! The Lunchtime Live lasted for about 15 minutes. Specific topics are outlined below:

Sugar Feather Farm Background and All About Heritage Breeds

Sugar Feather Farm Background and All About Heritage Breeds

Monday: Sugar Feather Farm Background & Heritage Breed Fowl – Learn more about how the family got involved with farming, heritage breeds of fowl, and what’s happening right now!

Egg Factoids and Fun Facts for kids here at the farm!

Egg Factoids and Fun Facts for kids here at the farm!

Tuesday: Egg Factoids and Fun for Kids – Nicolle will share a variety of egg colors and explain how the colors come to be, the breeds they come from, and the sizes of the eggs! She will also share some super cool and fun facts you didn’t know about eggs, as well as some silly fowl breeds – sure to be fun!

Raising Heritage Fowl Q&A

Thursday: Raising Heritage Breed Fowl Q&A – Ever wondered how to care for heritage and unique fowl breeds for yourself? What types of fowl would work well for your environment and situation? This is the perfect time to ask a farmer in Vermont. Nicolle, the fowl guru, will answer your burning questions.

Sugar Feather Farm specializes in rare, unique, and heritage types of fowl including chickens, ducks, turkeys, guineas, geese, and quail. They sell their hatching eggs, babies, and teenage fowl directly to consumers. Customers purchase these birds for their home, business, farm, school, or events. They can be pets or producers. They are available for on-farm pickup or delivery all over the USA. They also offer some value added products like non-GMO fresh fowl feed and honey from their own bees. They also do consultations and will eventually do classes. Not your average fowl farm, Sugar Feather has unique farming practices that customers love. Check out their robust website with full e-commerce available.


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