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  • Non-GMO
    silkie showgirl

    Silkie Showgirl Chicken

    Country of Origin: China/Japan

    Primary Use: mothering, fun, eggs

    ​Bird Size: 2.0-2.5

    Egg Production: 100-150

    Egg Color: white

    Comb Type: walnut

    ​Hardiness: tolerant in all temperatures with supports

    ​Temperament: docile

    ALBC Priority: not listed


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  • Non-GMO
    Silver Laced Polish

    Silver Laced Polish Chicken

    Country of Origin: Europe

    Primary Use: ornamental

    ​Bird Size: 3-6lbs

    Egg Production: medium

    Egg Size: medium

    Egg Color: white

    Comb Type: very small horn, large crests

    ​Hardiness: slightly fragile both heat and cold tolerant with proper care

    ​Temperament: docile and friendly

    Conservation status: Watch Status

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  • Non-GMO
    whiting true blue

    Whiting True Blue Chicken

    Country of Origin: United States

    Primary Use: eggs and feathers for fly fishing, crafts

    ​Bird Size: 5.5-7.0

    Egg Production: excellent

    Egg Size: Large

    Egg Color:blue

    Comb Type: pea

    ​Hardiness: heat and cold tolerant

    ​Temperament:good personalities free range or confined



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