The Corona Virus (COVID-19) and Your Fowl.

The Corona Virus (COVID-19) and Your Fowl.

We have been receiving inquiries about the Corona Virus and how it is effecting us, and are there any risks for your fowl? No not at all. We would say don’t panic, but I think it’s undeniable that the Corona Virus (COVID-19) is of concern to all of us. There are lots of rumors and information swirling around, and we are getting lots of email and messages.

Some practical advice would be wash your hands often and stock up a bit on feed, bedding, and supplements. In Vermont, we naturally tend to stock up and hoard supplies and food for both ourselves and our animals each winter because of the harsh weather, but we have to admit that we will be keeping a little extra on hand this spring as well. We have some fun activities in this post here.

Farm Pick-up

We are still having farm pick-ups and also offer delivery. For farm pick-ups we already have cones and signage blocking certain parking areas. Our flocks are in an enclosed area and there is no entry allowed. For pickups of the babies, which is in a separate area, we will have to do business a little different. We won’t be able to allow you to enter the area but we can bring out some for you to see. We will need to keep the 6 ft distance. If you want to take your own precautions you can wear gloves, sanitize etc. Make sure to bring your own transport for the birds.

Biosecurity – What is it? We’re Certified.

In the farming world biosecurity is a big deal, this is keeping yourself and animals healthy and clean. Biosecurity practices for example are keeping clean areas, changing clothes, using only farm boots and clothing, screening visitors, and of course washing your hands. We naturally follow those practices here. We are also NPIP Certified. This means we are tested for certain diseases and held to certain standards. You can read more about it here.

The health and safety of our customers, and our farm is our top priority. Under the these mandates we are taking every effort to best service the needs of our customers and to fulfill orders  in a manner that promotes health and safety for all. We will be monitoring changes, USPS guidelines, CDC and government direction. Here are resources we recommend taking a look at:

defend the flock

We are looking at the virus in a different way here. Let us re-evaluate our way of living? Perhaps this is the time to have your own source of food. Eggs are the perfect food. They are full of vitamins and minerals, fats, protein. Think that egg can produce a baby so everything is in there a baby needs to grow. Its amazing. They also are great companions, stress relievers and fun. If push comes to shove you might have to eat or process  your birds. But everyone has their own perspective on this. We recommend raising babies, right from the start especially if you are home now. Take advantage of the time to learn and raise your fowl the way you want. Get the kids involved, loved ones or partners. We can help you with deciding what breeds are good for your situation. We are happy to help get your babies off to a new start we also offer consultations as a service.


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