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What does Sustainability mean?


Why Buy From Us?

Sugar Feather Farm is here for you! We are customers too! This is our way of sharing the amazing qualities of these rare, unique and heritage breeds of fowl. Why not incorporate these birds into your everyday life, where can you pick out your fowl, and chat with an expert. We provide a personal touch from the beginning and for life!

The Choice is Clear

Buying from us is supporting local agriculture and farming practices. We are a small family run farm who can only survive with your support. Plus our birds are just plain better. Many of our foundation stock has high quality genetics, good disease resistance, and excellent health and vigor attributes.

After you make a purchase you are part of the Sugar Feather Farm family! This means you have access to the fowl guru with any questions or concerns. You get to actually speak with someone who knows fowl and their needs. You also have access to The Chicken Doctor – Peter Brown for any health related issues. Peter has over 50 years in poultry and is a poultry scientist. In addition Sugar Feather farm works closely with top nutritionists and all birds are Non-GMO raised.

Quality vs Quantity

Why not just buy from a hatchery? Why buy here and pay a little bit more? Because you are getting more value for your dollar by supporting farming. I stopped buying eggs from the store because not only are they a very poor substitute for a REAL fresh egg, they cause undue suffering to the laying hens who are kept in confinement. Hatchery birds are kept much in the same way. Buying from big retailers and hatcheries,  the hens suffer and you are generally getting an inferior chick(baby). When chicks are born on our farm they have better immunity, fed a customized diet, and socialized well. We find there is a lot of misinformation out there and a lot of people claiming to be experts so we compile the information and do our best to use what we think will work, if not we go back and try something else. We are new farmers so education is important to us. We turn to our mentors and experts for information and help not google. Rare and Heritage Breeds require special care in order to perform, we apply those principals they were bred for so we can provide our customers superior birds.


McMurray Hatchery Visitors

Silver Appleyard Duckling
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