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Sugar Feather Spring 22 Now Open!

chick-springOpening up Pre-Orders November 23!

Wow 2022 is on it’s way. Whether you are looking for rare and unique breeds for Spring or are looking to for food and supplements for your current flock, Sugar Feather Farm has you covered! We are a humane farm who is the only Non-GMO Hatchery (we don’t consider ourselves a hatchery) in the US!

Some New Things for 2022!
  • We are donating some of our sales of select fowl breeds to The Livestock Conservancy! These are breeds on the endangered list, that need help. We are passionate about community outreach and love to give back. Check out the breeds here.
  • Sanjak Longcrower Chickens – amazing hardy, robust birds with an awesome crow that lasts 10-30 seconds!
  • Hmong Chickens – deep roosted rare birds in Hmong culture, cousins to Cemani with “blue” skin!
  • Bantam Silkie Ducks – rare miniature ducks that are fun and easy to keep!
  • Fowl Selector Quiz! A fun quiz to help you select the birds that are great for your situation! (Coming Soon)

Other Exciting Things About Us:

We are Non-GMO! We are the only farm in the US that ships live birds that is! Humane and Caring to all our birds!

Sugar Feather Farm Feeds – We have custom designed non-GMO Feed for all types of fowl and ages! Designed for age, types and seasons! We are the only place in the US that does this.

Free lifetime Q and A form our Fowl Guru! Where can you get access to an expert who will gladly help you with a basic or difficult question? More complex issues or set ups you can get a one-on-one consult here.

We offer farm pick-up and ship. Hopefully you get to come see our Farm and what we are all about, we do offer tours. Our birds are a sight to see!

Access to The Chicken Doc – Peter Brown! Health and nutrition concerns can be answered here, no need to go to a vet**, tap into his 50-year knowledge.

**we don't endorse not going to a vet, if needed please do!


  • WOW. Found you on craigs list of all places. I was just browsing. I had searched for places in New England where I could go to pick up chicks instead of getting in the mail. Here you are. I live in the Champlain Valley and have been thinking about getting chickens for eggs. I was going to wait for 2023 as I was going to build a coop and run in 2022. I am getting older and really don’t want to wait. so, thinking of getting sooner, but I am also beginning a flower farm etc. Hoping I have the energy and stamina needed for chicks as the flower farm takes a lot of energy and physical work. I am 71 yrs old and would love to have chicks. They might not be able to free range as there are feral cats, my rottweiler, coyotes, bobcat, bear, racoons possoms and what else could endanger them. Suggestions about free ranging would be welcome. I intend to make a huge run though. Oh yes add hawks to the mix. All are around. Protection, predator proof and sound coop are on the list.

    Julie-Ann Franklin
    Posted December 9, 2021 at 1:35 pm
    • HI there Julie-Ann. Glad you found us! Starting a flower farm sounds fun, you could do both have colored egg layers and pretty flowers. Chickens dont have to free range, many of us have predators so we have to make protected areas for them to range. We can definitely help with your setup and getting started. We help farmers and many folks.Reach out to us when ready.

      Posted December 14, 2021 at 8:14 am

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We offer shipping to all US States and Farm Pickup! Spring 2023 Ordering Open!


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