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Sugar Feather Farm

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Sugar Feather Farm has been in business since 2018. We don’t just sell and breed all kinds of fowl, we care and want to make a difference. We raise heritage, unique and rare breeds of fowl who we want to see contiue and not simply be a memory. These breeds from the past may not have value in the indutrial/commercial industry, but we see it differently. Some of these breeds have rich history, and are very practical and useful for many situations. We need your help in preserving these breeds for future generations.
Our care is funneled through education and information.  We are not your average farm! We are different in that we treat our birds wholistically. What does this mean? We offer things not many other farms like us offer: Non-GMO fowl – from egg to adult! Customer support for life – one a customer buys from us we are there for them. Education – educating consumers helps them make informed and better decisions for the welfare of their family and the fowl they raise.
We are always seeking like minded folks and companies who want to make a difference!  We have a robust ecommerce system, website and customer reach. If you are interested contact us here.

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