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  • Tolbunt Polish Chicken

    Tolbunt Polish Chicken

    Country of Origin: Europe

    ​Bird Size: 3-6lbs

    Comb Type: very small horn, large crests

    Primary Use: Ornamental

    Egg Production: Good

    Egg Size: Medium

    Egg Color: White

    Hardiness: Heat

    Temperament: Docile, Indifferent

    Environment Type: Small Range

    Livestock Conservation Status: “Watch” Status

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    From: $11.00
    Earn up to 700 Feather Points.
  • Out of stock Roman Tufted Geese

    Utility French Toulouse Geese

    Country of Origin: USA

    ​Bird Size: 10-12

    Comb Type: None

    Primary Use: Triple Purpose

    Egg Production: Seasonal

    Egg Size: Extra Large

    Egg Color: White

    ​Hardiness: All Temps

    Temperament: Indifferent

    Environment Type: Free Range

    Livestock Conservation Status: N/a

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    From: $20.00
    Earn up to 750 Feather Points.
  • Whiting True Blue Chicken

    Whiting True Blue Chicken

    Country of Origin: United States

    ​Bird Size: 5.5-7.0lbs

    Comb Type: pea and straight

    Primary Use: Egg, foragers

    Egg Production: Excellent

    Egg Size: Large

    Egg Color: Blue

    ​Hardiness: they do well in all conditions and temperatures

    Environment Type: indifferent In the middle for the flock hierarchy 

    Type of Environment: Any Range

    Livestock Conservation Status: N/a

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    From: $6.00
    Earn up to 550 Feather Points.
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