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  • honey fall blend

    Pure Raw Unfiltered Honey

    100% Pure raw and unfiltered not heat treated honey

    We believe the honey you love and consume every day should be wholesome and trustworthy. Our bees are ethically raised, and none of our plants or trees are treated with any chemicals. Our honey is clear vibrant and beautiful and oh did we forget to mention tastes amazing! We will never buy from those store shelves again.
    We want to share the vital role honey bees play as premiere pollinators and stewards of our environment. Without them, the food we depend on would dwindle as pollinator foods, including those pollinated by bees, represent one in every three bites of food that we eat.
    In addition to the crucial role bees play in sustaining our planet, the honey production process also has a lower impact on the environment than other resource-heavy commodities. We also incorporate this into our farming practices and our family health. We want to bring this huge health benefit to your household too!

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  • quail egg scissors

    Quail Egg Scissors

    Need some help opening quail eggs? They can be a little tricky to open. These handy quail scissors are great! They can open those little shells up in no time.

    Quail eggs naturally have a thin shell and thick membrane under the shell so cracking them like a chicken egg can prove difficult. These scissors make the task easy and fun, especially if you have helpers in the kitchen!

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  • Heritage Breed
    Rhode Island White

    Rhode Island White Chicken

    Country of Origin: United States

    Primary Use: Eggs Meat

    ​Bird Size: 6.5 – 8.5 lbs

    Egg Production: Excellent 250 Eggs a Year

    Egg Size: Large to Extra Large

    Egg Color: Brown

    Coloring: White

    ​Hardiness: Very Hardy Especially Cold Hardy

    ​Temperament:  Calm

    Conservation Status: Threatened

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  • Non-GMO
    roman tufted goose

    Roman Tufted Geese

    Country of Origin: Italy
    Primary Use: Triple Purpose
    ​Bird Size: 10-12
    Egg Production: Good, seasonal layers
    Egg Size: X-Large
    Egg Color: White
    Comb Type: Tufted or No Comb
    ​Hardiness: Very hardy and extremely cold tolerant
    ​Temperament: friendly docile and loyal
    Conservancy Status: Critically Endangered

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  • Non-GMO
    faverolles hen

    Salmon Faverolles Chicken

    Country of Origin: France

    Primary Use: egg and meat – dual purpose

    ​Bird Size: 7-11 lb

    Egg Production: excellent-240 eggs a year

    Egg Size: medium

    Egg Color: tan

    Comb Type: single comb

    ​Hardiness: cold tolerant, good for all climates

    ​Temperament: very docile friendly wonderful family bird

    Livestock Conservancy Status: Threatened

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  • Non-GMO

    Serama Chicken

    Country of Origin: Malaysia

    Primary Use: Ornamental Pets Showing

    ​Bird Size: 10-18 oz

    Egg Production: Good

    Egg Size: Extra Small

    Egg Color: White to Light Tan

    Comb Type: Single Comb

    ​Hardiness: generally hardy prefer heat, with supplemental heat in winter if under 40 degrees

    ​Temperament: Friendly like human interaction



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  • Chicken Doctor Peter Brown

    Session With The Chicken Doctor

    Consultations with an Expert! The Chicken Doctor, Peter Brown

    NEW!!! We now offer personal consultations with World Renowned Peter Brown the Chicken Doctor!  He will be available for you, our customers for any health and care related needs that go beyond our expertise.  This is an amazing service we offer, the first of it’s kind. We are blessed to have him as part of our Sugar Feather Farm Family, and know he will give you the advice you need to make informed decisions regarding your flock.

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  • Non-GMO

    Silkie Chicken

    Country of Origin: China/Japan

    ​Bird Size: 2.0-2.5lbs

    Egg Size: small

    Egg Color: white

    Egg production: 50-100

    Comb Type: walnut, bearded and non-bearded

    ​Hardiness: heat and cold tolerant

    ​Temperament: gentle, friendly, broody hens (like to sit on eggs) just an overall great chicken to have!!!



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  • Non-GMO
    silkie showgirl

    Silkie Showgirl Chicken

    Country of Origin: China/Japan

    Primary Use: mothering, fun, eggs

    ​Bird Size: 2.0-2.5

    Egg Production: 100-150

    Egg Color: white

    Comb Type: walnut

    ​Hardiness: tolerant in all temperatures with supports

    ​Temperament: docile

    ALBC Priority: not listed


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