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  • Non-GMO

    Hedemora Chicken

    Country of Origin: Sweden

    Primary Use: Egg

    ​Bird Size: 4-5 Lbs

    Egg Production: Good

    Egg Size:Medium

    Egg Color: Tan color

    Comb Type: Single comb

    ​Hardiness: Extremely cold tolerant, heat tolerant as well

    ​Temperament: friendly and docile

    ALBC Priority: Not Listed


    $9.00 1
  • Non-GMO

    Heritage Ducks

    Country of Origin: United States

    Primary Use: Dual Purpose

    ​Bird Size: 6-7 lbs

    Egg Production: 175-200 year

    Egg Size: Large

    Egg Color: Blue/Green, Gray,White

    Hardiness: Heat and cold tolerant

    ​Temperament: Friendly broody

    Livestock Conservancy Status: not applicable

    $5.00 1
  • Non-GMO
    meat chickens

    Heritage Meat Birds

    Have you always wanted to raise chickens for meat but was afraid to try? Why not give non-conventional chickens a go! Many of our breeds here at the farm are dual purpose, which means -for meat and eggs! These chickens were in the past used regularly for meat in their native environments. Through industrialization and this get things quick era, these breeds have gone on the wayside. They may take a little longer to raise but the meat will be tastier, and an overall healthier bird that you know was raised with respect and gratitude. These birds can be added to your existing order or ordered by themselves. We have 3 size choices:

    Chicks, Fully Feathered, adult (adult please inquire, limited)

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  • Non-GMO
    mixed heritage turkeys

    Heritage Turkey

    Country of Origin: USA

    Primary Use: Meat

    ​Bird Size: 14-15 lbs

    Egg Production: seasonal layers (spring-summer)

    Egg Size:X-Large

    Egg Color: pale cream to medium brown with spotting

    Comb Type: n/a

    ​Hardiness: hardy

    ​Temperament: calm disposition, good maternal abilities, early maturation and very curious

    ALBC Priority: Watch

    $7.00 1
  • Non-GMO
    Icelandic Hen

    Icelandic Chicken

    Country of Origin: Iceland

    Bird Size: 3-5.5

    Egg Production: great

    Egg Size: medium

    Egg Color: medium white

    Meat: yes cocks used for meat, dual purpose

    Comb Type: all comb styles

    ​Hardiness: very hardy in all environments but extremely cold hardy

    ​Temperament: some are talkative and friendly, some flighty, prefer to free range

    Conservation Status: Threatened

    $22.00 1
  • kombucha

    Kombucha Starter Package

    Check out our Kombucha Starter Package! This is for animal and/or human consumption. Always wanted to make your own but not sure how? Sugar Feather Farm has you covered! This is a natural weapon, similar to apple cider vinegar,  to boost immunity and overall well-being. Very easy to maintain, reuse, and make your own batches. All instructions included to get started.

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  • Non-GMO
    Lyonnaise Hen

    Lyonnaise Chicken

    Country of Origin: France
    Primary Use: Dual Purpose
    ​Bird Size: 3-5
    Egg Production: Excellent
    Egg Size: Medium to Large
    Egg Color: White and some light pink
    Comb Type: Many styles
    ​Hardiness: Heat and cold tolerant, very hardy bird
    ​Temperament: Docile, quiet, free range or bears confinement


    $12.00 1
  • Mixed Geese

    Country of Origin: USA
    Primary Use: Triple Purpose
    ​Bird Size: 10-12
    Egg Production: Good, seasonal layers
    Egg Size: X-Large
    Egg Color: White
    Comb Type: None
    ​Hardiness: Very hardy and extremely cold tolerant
    ​Temperament: can be docile and loyal depending

    $65.00 1
  • Non-GMO

    Mixed or Cross Chickens

    Primary Use: Dual Purpose

    ​Bird Size: Small Medium or Large

    Egg Production: Good 100-200 eggs a year

    Egg Size: Medium to Large

    Egg Color: Varies

    Hardiness: all around hardy birds


    $5.00 1

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