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Consultations With The Fowl Guru

Nicolle with Faverolles

Sugar Feather Farm offers some very exciting opportunities!  Our consultation service is a one-on-one discussion via the phone, in person, or online video with Fowl Guru, Nicolle.  Consultations are pre-scheduled and available on a call back basis. You would click below by using our booking system where you can arrange convenient day and time and pay for the service as well.

All about The Fowl Guru: Nicolle, aka The Fowl Guru, has been raising animals for over 20 years, and a self-trained fowl expert. She is a contributor for webinars, articles and University studies. She has education, trainings and background working with Poultry Scientists, Fowl Nutritionists, and Fowl Breeder Mentors and Experts. She is a co-founder and owner of Sugar Feather Farm LLC, mother of 5 children and a consultant for Civil Engineering firms. Nicolle is a Certified Vermont Master Composter (intern) and volunteer for several charity organizations. She is a mentor to several Farms and part of the FACT Mentorship program. She is a contributor, donator and member of The Livestock Conservancy. and Pavlovskaya Conservation Association, East Cost Director. Sugar Feather Farm are members of the following organizations and contribute volunteer time to all: American Poultry Association, Ayam Cemani Breeders Association East Coast Director, Pavlovskaya Conservation Association East Coast Director, Guinea Fowl Association, American Pastured Poultry Producers Association, Faverolles of the USA, Vermont Beekeepers Association, The Marans Club, and Marema Club of America. She also volunteers in her community regularly and provides mentorships and internships for special needs individuals and students.

Chat with the Chicken Matchmaker

Sugar-Feather farm is the best! I feel so lucky to have found them. I’m a novice chicken owner and wanted to add to my small flock after two of my beloved hens were killed by a bear. I booked a consultation and had a long discussion about which breeds are right for me. I got three fully feathered females, a Lyonnaise, Orpington and Bieldfelder and could not be happier. I was promptly notified of when they would ship and everyone arrived at the post office safely and in great shape.
Once I had my lovely new girls Sugar-Feather’s hen guru answered all my questions about keeping youngsters and integrating them with my mature hens and rooster. I only regret I don’t have more room for lots of hens, I would love to get more heritage breeds.
I’m so glad to be part of the Sugar Feather family. I can’t say enough about what a great experience this has been.

Jody S

We can offer consultations for all of the following areas


Our experience with Sugar Feather Farm was amazing! We ordered 4 dozen of the Rainbow Egg Assortment. We had great success with our hatching! Nicole volunteered to come in and speak with our four second grade classrooms. We would do this again!

Brookside Primary School

Consultations can cover many areas. Check out some examples

  • How do I take care of baby chicks?
  • Do they need supplements, what kinds of feed? Heat? Light?
  • Is my housing right?
  • How do I introduce new birds to an existing flock?
  • Ducklings? How are they different then chickens? When can they go outside? Can they swim? What kind of feed? Housing?
  • Explaining your setup and us helping you customize it. We are the fowl matchmakers!
  • Anything related to guineas. How to feed? Keep them on the property? What they need nutritionally to thrive?
  •  Any unusual behaviors? Are they sick?

NOTE: we are not Veterinarians. Our advice is based on our education and experience. If your flock needs immediate attention please seek advice from the Chicken Doctor, Peter Brown

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McMurray Hatchery Visitors

Silver Appleyard Duckling
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