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Raising Fowl Wholistic

What does wholistic mean?


For us wholistic means treating something as one of mind, body, soul and spirit. When we look at our animals, they are considered whole beings and should be treated as such with dignity and respect. We let them express who they are – our approach is to let them have the space and choice to range where they want and let their natural instincts take over. We don’t have huge pastures but work with what areas we do have and consider protecting them from the many predators we have on the farm. We feel it is our responsibility to protect them. We are very hands on interacting with all fowl daily. Using this method we can see any issues, strange behaviors and address them. We also get to see their unique personalities and socialize them so they can be easily handled if needed. Some breeds tent to have very distinct personalities and we like to see them mature and blossom. Because we are a breeding farm, this must be done within reason for their safety, quality standards, and conditions in order to produce healthy thriving birds. All our fowl are Non-GMO!

Raising Fowl with a Wholistic Approach

Some of Sugar Feather Farm’s Wholistic Approaches:
  • Letting birds molt naturally
  • All fowl are Non-GMO.
  • All birds have access to dust baths, roosts and shelter in order to retreat from other birds and predator protection
  • Our birds are vaccinated for Marek’s Disease #1 killer of fowl, we breed for disease resistance
  • No birds are altered – beak trims, wing clipping, pinioned, etc.
  • Using nutrition, weather considerations, disease prevention to naturally raise strong birds
  • Free range time within limits, predator protection and rodent protection
  • Our fowl are able to live out their lives on the farm, not culled after peak production
  • For their entertainment value. Chickens are endlessly fascinating and simply being near them excites the heart and lifts the spirit. They are even shown to help with depression and anxiety.
  • Fowl droppings are rich in nitrogen, phosphates and potash and are a great fertilizer for your garden.

Raising Fowl with a Wholistic Approach


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Silver Appleyard Duckling
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