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Session With The Chicken Doctor


Consultations with an Expert! The Chicken Doctor, Peter Brown

NEW!!! We now offer personal consultations with World Renowned Peter Brown the Chicken Doctor!  He will be available for you, our customers for any health and care related needs that go beyond our expertise.  This is an amazing service we offer, the first of it’s kind. We are blessed to have him as part of our Sugar Feather Farm Family, and know he will give you the advice you need to make informed decisions regarding your flock.

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Session With The Chicken Doctor

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Session With The Chicken Doctor
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Session With The Chicken Doctor

As fowl owners we occasionally have concerns or issues that we can’t solve or wonder what to do. We have found that many online resources and people give a lot of mixed information. With animals in general it is hard to know the right answer, some of it is trial and error – which is valuable to learn and do, but getting the facts or actual information is really tough. Lots of people do things different, or have been given the wrong information. This is especially true with health concerns in the fowl world.  We do our best to figure out the most accurate information and apply this to our farm. Part of our mission is to provide our customers with good information so they are educated in making decisions with their fowl. One way is to find top experts that we partner with, and we have done that here with Peter Brown.

Over the past 35+ years Peter Brown has helped literally thousands of fowl enthusiasts with their problems. So much, that he has been nicknamed the “Chicken Doctor” by those he has helped.

Peter’s Consultation Services Can Provide:

  • Specific health concerns
  • Questions and answers to your fowl disease concerns and disease recovery
  • How to use medications, what kinds you can use
  • Advice on vaccines and how to use and administer
  • Nutrition and supplements, what to use and how to use it
How it Works

Add the service to your cart, in the notes section of the order put a snapshot of your concern for the doc. The Doc’ will get back to you within 24-48 hrs to schedule a consultation via phone or email.

The Doc’s Bio

Peter Brown, aka The Chicken Doctor has been doctoring chickens for over 58 years. He is the go to guy when it comes to the Health and Welfare of Backyard Poultry and the Small Flock Holder. He has an A.A.S., degree in poultry Science and is a self trained Poultry Biologist. His fields of interest include the Identification of and Mitigation of Poultry Diseases and the Biology of the developing Avian Embryo and Incubation Techniques. Additional interests include the study of and the identification of Natural, Herbal and Homeopathic remedies as they apply to Poultry.

Peter, was for many years the Regular Guest speaker on the Chicken Whisperer Radio Show, where he shared his vast Poultry knowledge with the listening audience.

He is the founder and owner of First State Veterinary Supply,, and the former Poultry Pharmacy, the only legitimate and licensed, Pharmacy strictly for Poultry!

Peter, was appointed by the American Racing Pigeon Union in 1996 to be a founding member of the organizations Drug Task Force Committee. Responsibilities included formulating the framework for Identifying Performance Enhancing Drugs and Substances and promulgating testing procedures and the Chain of Custody for test samples.

Peter was also the Inaugural Poultry Disease Contributor to the following Poultry Magazines: Fancy Fowl USA, Practical Poultry, and The Chicken Whisperer Magazine!

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