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Sanjak Longcrower Chicken

From: $13.00

Country of Origin: Serbia, Montenegro and Metohia

​Bird Size: 6-10lbs

Comb Type: N/a

Primary Use: Dual Purpose

Egg Production: Good

Egg Size: Large

Egg Color: White

​Hardiness: All Temps

Temperament: Indifferent

Environment Type: Any Range

Conservation Status: Rare

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Sanjak Longcrower Chicken

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My order of feathered long crowers arrived healthy and alert. I would highly recommend this farm.

Sanjak Longcrower Chicken

The Sanjak Longcrower, locally known as the ‘Rogaš’, is a rare and fascinating chicken breed that originated in Sanjak – a region nestled at the intersection of Serbia, Bosnia, and Kosovo. Historically, it was considered a colored variety of the Kosova Longcrower due to their close relation, but the Sanjak Longcrower is a distinct and long-lived dual-purpose breed with dwindling numbers due to changing regional demographics and needs. This breed has been depicted in paintings from the Ottoman Empire and is classified as a landrace breed. It’s worth noting that there are over 15 types of “Longcrower” chickens, most of which are not found in the US.

What sets the Sanjak Longcrower apart is its massive size, with birds weighing anywhere between 6-10 lbs (although hens tend to be on the lighter end of the spectrum). Despite their imposing stature, they can be remarkably gentle and submissive, with a knack for defending their flock against birds of prey. But perhaps the most impressive feature of these birds is their long, melodic crow that can last up to 30 seconds. Far from being irritating, it’s a soothing and fascinating sound to hear. Robust and lively as chicks, Sanjak Longcrowers are hardy birds that can thrive in any climate. They make excellent free-range birds, with roosters serving as vigilant protectors and hens laying an average of 160-180 large white eggs per year.

Hens can go broody sitting on cluthces of eggs. We have not seen their mothering skills, mostly because we use the eggs and don’t give the hens an opportunity to sit. Because of their massive size we don’t recommend roosts too high (can have a ramp to assist if high), based on leg or foot injuries that can occur.

Sanjak Longcrowers come in a range of color varieties, including black, blue, black with red-brownish shoulders, mottled, and white. They have a feathered crest that covers their v-shaped comb, red earlobes, and yellowish-green or slate legs. It’s worth noting that the Sanjak Longcrower looks almost identical to the Kosova Longcrower, but is larger and boasts multiple-color varieties. The breed’s development was aided by the participation of the Kosovo Longcrower and the Berats, a rare bird breed with big, long legs.

As chicks we recommend they stay on Sugar Feather Farm chick starter longer than normal to help develop good leg development and growth. Be mindful of their growth and when teenagers a good chicken grower like ours until maturity or lay.This is critical to their needs as adults.


While the Sanjak Longcrower’s history is somewhat shrouded in mystery, it’s clear that they’re descendants of the Bosnian Crower, which is also an ancestor of the Bergischer Crower and Kosovar Crower. These breeds were brought from the Balkans to the Bergisches Land in the Middle Ages. The Sanjak Longcrower has several names due to its multi-ethnic and trans-national origins, including rogas, bosnjak, boshnjak, pulat boshnjake, kengetar bosnjake, and pulat dukagjinit. This breed is rich in tradition, culture, and history, making it a valuable addition to any flock.


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