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Sanjak Longcrower Chicken

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Country of Origin: Serbia, Montenegro and Metohia

Primary Use: Dual Purpose

​Bird Size: 2-9lbs

Egg Production: average

Egg Size: large

Egg Color: shades of white

Comb Type: Cup Comb, No Comb to V-Shaped to Horn

​Hardiness: Very Hardy, good foragers

​Temperament: Mixed Personalities good guardians, good mothers

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The Sanjak Longcrower, or as locally known the ‘Rogaš’, is a rare Chicken breed that originated in Sanjak (a place located at the boundary between Serbia, Bosnia and Kosovo). It’s closely related to the Kosova Longcrower and till recent times it was considered to be its colored variety. This is a long lived dual purpose chicken that is seen in paintings from the Ottoman Empire! This is a landrace breed whos numbers have been dwindling due to the region changes in populations and needs. There are over 15 breeds of “Longcrower” types of chickens (most are NOT in the US).

This chicken is extremely fascinating to us! They are gigantic birds weighing from 3-9 lbs (hens can be on the lower side). They are massive and at the same time can be so submissive its funny. They are flock defenders and will defend against birds of prey. Our most favorite part is of course their awesome crow – they have a long melodic crow that can last anywhere from 10-30 seconds. It is not annoying, but soothing and so cool to hear.  They are a strong well built birds, chicks are robust and lively. They are very hardy birds doing well in all climates. They are good mothers, roosters good protectors, and excel at free-ranging.

Sanjak Longcrower hens average 160-180 eggs a year and egg color is all shades of white. They are larger eggs since the birds are a larger breed. The most common color-varieties for the Sanjak are; black, blue, black with red-brownish shoulders, mottled and white. The Sanjak Longcrower has a feathered crest on its head that covers its v-shaped comb. It has also red earlobes, yellowish-green or slate legs The Sanjak Longcrower looks almost identical to the Kosovo Longcrower, and differs mainly in being considerably larger and having multiple-color varieties. In fact, the Sanjak Longcrower got developed with the participation of the Kosovo Longcrower, and big long-legged birds called Berats (an ultra rare bird).


Some of the history is unclear, but the original breeds are the Bosnian Crower which is also a direct ancestor of the Bergischer Crower and Kosovar Crower. Their ancestors are said to have been brought from the Balkans to the Bergisches Land in the Middle Ages. They seem to be closely related to the Kosovor Crower, but not the Denzili Crower (similar to Greenfire Farms import). There are over 15 types of Longcrowers so piecing out the history is tough. Since this breed comes from a multi-ethnic and trans-national region, it has several names. It is rich in tradition, culture and history. Some names that can be referenced are; rogas, bosnjak, boshnjak, pulat boshnjake, kengetar bosnjake, and pulat dukagjinit.


Pre-ordered adults and hatchlings may be picked up by appointment. To safeguard our birds from exposure to disease brought in by visitors, in accordance with the provisions of the National Poultry Improvement Plan, areas where birds are kept are off limits. However you are welcome to look at all the breeds and interactions, it is a site to see.

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