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Rainbow Egg Layer Mix

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This package includes an assortment of eggs so you can hatch a variety of chickens. Chicken eggs selected are guaranteed to be fresh and with in the 7 day window. We will do our best to get you a great assortment. A great way to start with hatching eggs or fun for school projects.

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It is all up to the animals when they are ready to start. Once they start laying we will start processing orders. All orders are processed in orders received.

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Rainbow Egg Layer Mix

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1 Egg$6
6 Eggs$36

Looking for some chicken hatching eggs but can’t choose one breed in particular? Here is your chance to get some different varieties and even our rare breeds in our Farmers Choice Egg Assortment. Your order will include as many different breeds as we can spare, and a minimum of three. All eggs are collected and shipped within 7 days, so while you don’t know what you will get, we can guarantee they are fresh and ready to hatch. We only breed the coolest, prettiest, coolest breeds, so you’re bound to be happy. We’ll send you whatever we have available.

Pre-ordered adults and hatchlings may be picked up by appointment. To safeguard our birds from exposure to disease brought in by visitors, in accordance with the provisions of the National Poultry Improvement Plan, areas where birds are kept are off limits. However you are welcome to look at all the breeds and interactions, it is a site to see.

Appointments will pending until approved

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