Quail Egg Scissors


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Need some help opening quail eggs? They can be a little tricky to open. These handy quail scissors are great! They can open those little shells up in no time.

Quail eggs naturally have a thin shell and thick membrane under the shell so cracking them like a chicken egg can prove difficult. These scissors make the task easy and fun, especially if you have helpers in the kitchen!

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    Quail Egg Scissor

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    Quail Egg Scissors
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    Quail Egg Scissors


    Simply open the scissors, place the pointy side of the egg up towards the sky and inside of the hole in the scissors and then close the scissors on the pointy end to make a nice clean slice at the top of the eggs. The yolk and white can then be poured out into a frying pan for a miniature sunny side up egg.

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