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Pavlovskaya Chicken

From: $11.00

Country of Origin: Russia

​Bird Size: 3-4 lbs

Comb Type: V-Comb

Primary Use: Dual Purpose

Egg Production: Good

Egg Size: Medium

Egg Color: White

​Hardiness: All Temps

Temperament: Friendly, Docile

Environment Type: Any Range

Livestock Conservation Status: N/a

Our flock has not begun laying yet, please expect an extended wait time if placing an order!

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Pavlovskaya Chicken

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Pavlovskaya Chicken


We are thrilled to introduce to our farm, The Pavlovskaya Chicken. They have very cool origins and are EXTREMELY rare birds in the US and even in their native County – Russia. These birds were on the brink of extinction until now, hopefully with our and other breeders efforts we can work on conserving their heritage. According to history there were only 2 roosters left in the early 1900’s.

Pavlovskaya, or Pavlovs are known to be extremely cold hardy and have unique feathering on their feet that is similar to the feathering on wild grouse, they also have 4-5 toes. They have a large upright crest, muff and beard. They are simply stunning! We have obtained our flock from the original importers of this breed, Greenfire Farms and other quality breeders.  Because there is only 1 import, we as breeders are working hard to maintain their legacy and genetic diversity.  We are members of the Pavlovskaya Conservation Association. While the “Pavs” are not known to be great layers, their white/cream-colored eggs are much larger than one would expect!  Pavlovskaya seem to be quite hardy in cold or heat. These are very unique birds with a curious and lively persona. They are a very docile breed, do well as pets and with children. They would do well with other crested birds and more sweet natured chickens. Care must be given to their crests and feathered legs and feet.

The breed is on the small size with roosters weighing 4lbs and hens 3-4 lbs. The hens only lay about 70-90 white eggs per year. The meat is light and gamey. They have a flattened “ helmet form “ crest, high cavernous nostrils,  v-shaped comb, beard, muffs, totally feathered legs “grouse legs” { which means the whole leg has feathers inside and outside and all around, even the toes} it is fascinating and ultra unique!!  They are extremely hardy even staying out in very cold weather roosting in trees with no frostbite.  Colors we carry all colorations in the same area. All our birds are vaccinated for Marek’s Disease and Non-GMO. 


Feed Recommendations: we recommend starting baby chicks out with Sugar Feather Farm chick starter for the first 3 weeks, then switch to our Chicken Grower. Use the Grower Feed until they hit maturation (which is when they start to lay) then switch to Sugar Feather Farm Adult Feed

We highly recommend using the Oil of Oregano in their water daily as a supplement to aid with digestion and overall health.



These chickens originated from the times of Catherine II (1729 – 1796), an Empress of the Russian Empire. There’s a legend that the ancestors of this breed were chickens from Catherine II’s own poultry yard. This breed became the famous world-known Russian national breed. It was considered the masterpiece of chicken beauty of the 18th century, but there is little information about it.

The Pavlovskaya hen is Russia’s most ancient chicken breed. Its origins are lost in history, but by the time Russians began to take stock of their native chicken breeds in the late 1800s Pavlovskaya hens were already virtually extinct. Many centuries ago this breed emerged in the town of Pavlovskaya, a small enclave of peasants and craftsmen about 200 miles east of Moscow. The town was known for a number of unique agricultural specialties including the breeding of fighting geese, canaries, and the cultivation of lemons.

With permission from Aviculture- Europe Foundation we have referenced some history of the Pavlovs. Here is part I and part II.

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