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Oil of Oregano


Oil of Oregano containing Carvacrol has been found in University Studies to Reduce Bacterial Infection as well as Antibiotics. In a University of Tennessee study from July, 2001 it stated that among various plant oils, Oil of Oregano exhibited the Greatest Antibacterial Activity against common Pathogenic Germs such as Staph, E.coli and Listeria.

Piperine is an Extract of the Black Peppercorn that has been shown to enhance the absorption of this Oil through the Intestinal Wall.

Comes with complete directions for use on Poultry and will treat 100 Gallons of water. Bottle contains 60 ml of Oil of Oregano.

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Oil of Oregano

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Oil of Oregano

Historically Oil of Oregano has been around for centuries. It has been touted in humans, as an Antimicrobial with great healing powers and is said to work for sore throats, stomach upsets, and respiratory issues and as an antiseptic. Most of the accolades were anecdotal at best with very little if any Science to substantiate the claims being made.

Some forty years ago a movement started in Europe to ban the use of Antimicrobial Drugs as Growth Promoters. This movement was fueled by the thought that over use of Drugs as Growth Promoters was causing Drug Resistance in Animals which led to Drug Resistant Organisms in Humans. Today the ban is wide spread and gaining momentum World Wide. Here in the United States many Poultry Companies have now recognized that the General Public wants birds that are free of Antibiotics and a movement is under foot within the Poultry Industry to head in that direction.

The mode of action of The Oil of Oregano is to rapidly replace the Epithelial Cells that line the Intestinal Wall. This is accomplished by the active Phenol Compounds contained in The Oil of Oregano. Intestinal Epithelial Cell shedding occurs on a continual basis but the Phenol Compounds in The Oil of Oregano speed up this process by as much as two times the Normal rate of shedding. Check out our blog article on Oil of Oregano!

Why Should You Use It?

Oil of Oregano helps keep the immune system intact and therefore helps disease organisms from being able to cause infection. All chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, guinea and quail can be administered the Oil of Oregano, regardless of age.

Using it on a regular basis has been shown to produce healthier birds with little or no Antibiotic intervention! You can use this in combination with other supplements and meds, it doesn’t interfere with the use  or effectiveness.

Helps in prevention of blackhead disease in turkeys!

Why We like it:

We add this to our water daily for all our fowl. It can be used with any medications or supplements and will not interfere with their effectiveness.  It keeps our birds healthy and 1 bottle goes a long way! You can start this at any age and super easy to do, just put in water. We have tried other Oil of Oregano products but this one by far is the best and can be absorbed better by the birds systems and dissolves in the water, not oily or have a residue.

Resources Evidence Based:

Final Report for ONE08-088

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