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Olive Egger Chicken

From: $8.25

Country of Origin: United States

​Bird Size: 6-8lbs

Comb Type: N/a

Primary Use: Dual Purpose

Egg Production: Excellent

Egg Size: Extra Large

Egg Color: Green

​Hardiness: All Temps

Temperament: Docile, Indifferent

Environment Type: Any Range

Livestock Conservation Status: N/a

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Olive Egger Chicken

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Fully Feathered
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Chicken Grower
1 Fertile Egg
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Chicken Starter
6 Fertile Eggs
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Chicken Starter
Unsexed Chick
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Chicken Starter
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Olive Egger Chicken

Olive Eggers are an exciting mix of chickens that typically lay various shades of green colored eggs. You can have the same eggs Dr Seuss writes about in Green Eggs and Ham!

Olive Eggers are created by crossing a dark brown egg layer with a blue egg layer.  They can come in all shapes, sizes. Some may have puffy cheeks, some feathered legs, or both – who knows!? Our Olive Eggers are created by crossing some of our foundation stock of Black Copper Marans, F1 Olive Eggers, Easter Eggers and Ameraucanas. They are excellent egg layers and can go broody. They can free range or do great in a run or yard setup. They are in the middle of the flock hierarchy. We have some pictures of our current egg colorings (seafoam green to olive green). We love the beauty of these birds, egg size, color and look. Great addition to your homestead, farm, yard. If not sure what chicken to pick this one is for you. Their personalities can vary.

They are a hardy bird and can adapt to all climates and areas. Really a great all around bird for any situation, climate, confinement or free range. They are great producers of eggs and some of our birds are so large could be suitable for a table bird. Vaccinated for Marek’s Disease and Non-GMO.

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