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Kombucha Starter Package


Check out our Kombucha Starter Package! This is for animal and/or human consumption. Always wanted to make your own but not sure how? Sugar Feather Farm has you covered! This is a natural weapon, similar to apple cider vinegar,  to boost immunity and overall well-being. Very easy to maintain, reuse, and make your own batches. All instructions included to get started.

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Kombucha Starter Package

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Kombucha Starter Package
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Kombucha Starter Package

Have you heard of kombucha? Kombucha is an ancient drink, a sweet tea with cultures of yeast and bacteria, looks interesting and scary but it is amazing!

There is a process to create your own kombucha drink at home, it is easy and anyone can do it. Kombucha tea is great for human consumption; we love it for all the health benefits, one being pre and pro biotics, greater immunity, etc. We like to give the mothers/scoby (the actual culture NOT THE DRINK) to our animals here on the farm.  Scoby stands for symbotic culture of bacteria and yeast, it is a strange mushroom looking slimy thing that feeds on tea and sugar. We are selling starter packages so you can make this at home for yourself, your animals or both. The great part about this is the scoby grows and will keep going while the tea can be remade so this is a continuous health benefit one you can use over and over!The kombucha recipe we use is a continuous feed recipe, where the kombucha is always brewing and ready to drink, the scoby continuously growing. We replenish it as it’s consumed, about once a week.

Why is this good for your animals?

Because it has antioxidants, probiotics, other good stuff! Check out articles on Kombucha and fermentation to see what the craze is all about.
• Prevent or clear up runny droppings. When a chickens poop is loose it sticks to his/her bum feathers. Probiotics help with gut health and could be the answer to messy bottoms in general.
• Better feed conversion ratios.
• Helps support egg laying and may increase egg size and shell thickness.
• Natural resistance to certain diseases and illnesses like e-coli and salmonella.

If you follow anything having to do with natural chicken keeping, you may have heard that feeding your chickens raw apple cider vinegar is a popular health trend. It is an excellent addition to digestive health. Kombucha can be used in much the same way.

Don’t want to drink the kombucha, no problem just keep replenishing the tea weekly, cut off some of the scoby and feed the SCOBY to your animals. Remember, the scoby grows so just cutting off a section wont hurt it. Being very sanitary is a must! Wash hands and utensils before touching the culture and tea.

Kombucha Starter Package

1 Fresh Thick Scoby Live Culture with Strong Starter Tea
Instructions for humans and animals

Additional Notes:

All you need is one small scoby or even a piece you do not need a huge scoby to make your own kombucha tea at home. We Triple Pack All Scobys to prevent leaking
The size texture and color of each scoby will vary
Takes longer to ferment in cold weather
We use black tea or green tea and sugar – don’t use anything other than sugar, ever!
Starting a new brew takes a longer time, patience is recommended                                                                                                                                       This can be reused over and over again saving you $$. You can bottle and have your own drinks.

Got questions?! Shoot us an email.

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Kombucha Starter Package

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