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Fully Feathered Chicken


Let Sugar Feather Farm help you select your perfect flock. We know chickens! We can select the perfect fully feathered (pullet) flock mate or mates to add to your homestead. The Fowl Guru can help with your choice based on personality, flock make-up and your situation. We can help with the following:

  • Egg Layer – looking for a producer or one that will lay beautiful colored eggs
  • Friendly – we can help with selecting one good with children, or other hens that are more docile
  • Unique – we have several beautiful and unique birds you can’t find
  • Free Ranging – we have some chickens who are excellent at hiding, evading predators and eating what is out in nature
  • Dual Purpose – we have some chickens that can be used for meat and eggs, you can have your own self-sustaining flock
  • Egg Colors – looking for cool looking egg colors? We have a rainbow of colorations, one for every mood!

See below on how it works.

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  • Sexing Agreement

    Fully Feathered Females

    Sugar Feather offers sexed female birds for our customers. If you are looking for a rooster, please choose the male option. Please see our sexing policy before ordering a fully feathered bird! See our Sexing Policy here.


    Female Selected

  • *Pay The Difference

    Sugar Feather will send you an invoice to cover the difference depending on chicken type

It is all up to the animals when they are ready to start. Once they start laying we will start processing orders. All orders are processed in orders received.

Please read how our orders are processed here

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Fully Feathered Chicken

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Fully Feathered Chicken
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Fully Feathered Chicken

Sugar Feather Farm is a custom farm who helps you select the perfect bird for your home. We know our chickens and with our experience and knowledge can help assist with your choice if you just don’t know what to select. You can take our QUIZ to help figure out what birds might be suitable for your situation and environment. This Fully Feathered Chicken Package is also available for fully feathered chickens that we could have on hand.

Needing help on selecting the right birds? Let the Fowl Guru help from start to finish with a custom consultation. After the consultation if you decide to purchase chickens The Fowl Guru can help with your selection.

How it works:

Go through our chicken breeds and pick the fully feathered birds you want or something similar if you want Sugar Feather Farm to select for you. Because each chicken is a different price, we have the deposit option for only $25. You will put down a deposit of $25 per bird. At the time of estimated shipping or as we are getting closer to fulfilling,  we will reach out to you with an invoice for the difference or if another bird is selected, we can adjust if you want us to select for you.

Fully Feathered Chicken

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