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Favaucana Chicken

From: $9.35

Country of Origin: USA

​Bird Size: 5-8lbs

Comb Type: pea, straight

Primary Use: Dual Purpose

Egg Production: Excellent

Egg Size: Large

Egg Color: Blue, Green, Tan

​Hardiness: All Temps

Temperament: Docile, Indifferent

Environment Type: Any Range

Livestock Conservation Status: N/a

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Favaucana Chicken

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Fully Feathered
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Chicken Grower
1 Fertile Egg
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Chicken Starter
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Chicken Starter
Unsexed Chick
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Favaucana Chicken

Have you ever heard of the Favaucana? It is the roalty of chickens, Martha Stewart has these beauties in her flock. These are unique chickens that are hard to find. We have our own Sugar Feather Farm Line of these stunning beauties. They are by far the BEST egg layers on the farm, out producing many of our more “production” type birds.

A Favaucana is not a breed on its own but a cross (hybrid) between Faverolles and Amerucana chickens.  Typically, they can have beautiful little muffs, beards, are large in size and feathered or non feathered shanks and feet. Many have 5 toes!  Our lines have non-bearded as well and many colorings and looks. We don’t have a uniform look or feather coloring at this point in our breeding program. We like this because it gives you many options and we can see who is the best production wise and hardiness is a big factor. They have pea or straight combs and typically profuse feathering, and they can adapt to any climate or condition. They have excellent egg laying abilities; we can count on them for weekly eggs. They tend to go broody, and will hatch their own young. Our flocks lay generally 4 colored eggs; seafoam green, olive, blue and tan.

The Favaucana chicken can have the traits of the Faverolles; sweet disposition and personality and a great choice for family flock or just for having a different kind of chicken who lays beautiful colored eggs. The Amerucana in them brings out the shy, reserved nature and cold hardiness. They are cold hardy, can take the heat too and can do well in confinement or free range situations. They do well in all conditions and are an overall hardy bird. We find here on the farm they are curious, friendly, talkative and sometimes shy. Their personalities can vary. There are not a lot of breeders producing this bird, but we think of them like an Easter or Olive Egger – a hybrid bird that lays unique colored eggs with good production abilities. The Favaucana chicken is not easy to find and purchase and look forward to bringing their beauty and usefulness to you. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to own such a beautiful chicken.


Feed Recommendations: we recommend starting baby chicks out with Sugar Feather Farm chick starter for the first 3 weeks, then switch to our Chicken Grower. Use the Grower Feed until they hit maturation (which is when they start to lay) then switch to Sugar Feather Farm Adult Feed

We highly recommend using the Oil of Oregano in their water daily as a supplement to aid with digestion and overall health.



Favaucanas were created by My Pet Chicken back in 2013 by crossing Faverolles and Ameraucanas. We don’t have much information other than this.​

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