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Favaucana Chicken

From: $8.00

Country of Origin: USA

Primary Use: Eggs/Meat

​Bird Size: 5-8lbs

Egg Production: good

Egg Size: medium to large

Egg Color: blue, green possible tan

Comb Type: pea

​Hardiness: very cold hardy and heat tolerant

​Temperament: docile and sometimes shy


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  • Fully Feathered
  • Unsexed Chick
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Have you ever heard of the Favaucana? It is the roalty of chickens, Martha Stewart has these beauties in her flock. These are unique chickens that are hard to find. We have our own line of these stunning beauties.

A Favaucana is not a breed  on its own but a cross (hybrid) between Faverolles and Amerucanas chickens.  Typically they can have beautiful little muffs, beards, are large in size and feathered feet. Many have 5 toes! They have pea combs and profuse feathering for cold-hardiness, however they can adapt to any climate. Pea combs are great – low occurence of frostbite in the winter. Their overall appearance, something like a hawk, is simply stunning, it turns heads here on the farm!  We are finding that some of our birds come in all colorings, some with or without muffs or feathered feet. They have good egg laying abilities, we can count on them for weekly eggs. They lay the most beautiful color eggs – a sea foam blue/green. Our second generation stock is laying blue or tan eggs.

The Favaucana chicken have the traits of the Faverolles; sweet disposition and personality and a great choice for family flock or just for having a different kind of chicken who lays beautiful colored eggs. They are cold hardy, can take the heat too and can do well in confinement. We find here on the farm they are curious, friendly, talkative and sometimes shy. There are not a lot of breeders producing this bird, but we think of them like an Easter Egger – a hybrid bird that lays colored eggs. We are in the early stages of our breeding program and are very happy with the results, we are working on our own line and breeding for disease resistance. The Favaucana chicken is not easy to find and purchase and look forward to bringing their beauty and usefulness to you. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to own such a beautiful chicken.


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