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Educational Presentations


If you are seeking to include Spring hatching or gain a comprehensive understanding of birds in your educational curriculum, our educational programs provide an ideal platform. Our programs are tailored for homeschoolers, classrooms, and families that aspire to acquire knowledge about the fascinating process of hatching. Our programs are facilitated by the Fowl Guru – an experienced professional in hatching – who possesses a wealth of knowledge in all aspects of fowl. Partner with us today and unlock a world of valuable knowledge for your students or family.

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Educational Presentations

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Educational Presentations
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Educational Presentations and Rentals

Embarking on an exciting journey of hatching with your classes or delving into the fascinating world of birds has never been easier! Explore our educational programs tailored for homeschoolers, classrooms, and families eager to discover the marvel of hatching. With the expert guidance of the Fowl Guru, a seasoned professional in hatching and a wealth of avian knowledge, you’ll have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the wonder of various captivating species, including:

– Chickens
– Ducks and Geese
– Heritage Turkeys
– Emu
– Coturnix Quail and Button Quail
– Guinea Fowl
– Canaries and Finches

So, what’s included in our comprehensive programs? For a fee of just $50 per hour for the presentation, plus mileage/gas coverage, you’ll unlock a treasure trove of enriching learning experiences. Our presentations are tailored to suit all ages, from preschool to college, and can cover a wide array of engaging topics, such as:

– Fascinating bird facts and fun information
– Live bird examples, including our beloved chicken mascot, Champ!
– Hands-on exploration of eggs, showcasing different colors, textures, and sizes
– In-depth examination of the avian life cycle, with curriculum tailored to complement your ongoing studies

Our presentations can be conducted either online or in person. For those opting for in-person presentations, we are delighted to serve areas within a 100-mile radius of our farm.

But our offerings don’t stop there! You can take your exploration to the next level by purchasing or renting hatching eggs and equipment, allowing you to continue your educational journey at home or within your school environment. Our comprehensive services can encompass the following options:

1. Presentation Only: Select either an online or in-person presentation. We recommend booking in advance, as the Fowl Guru is often occupied with farm responsibilities.

2. Presentation + Hatching Eggs: Hatching eggs typically include chicken, duck, coturnix quail, or button quail. Please note that the availability of specific types of eggs may vary depending on the season.

3. Presentation + Eggs + Hatching Supplies: This option includes the rental of an incubator for your hatching eggs, as well as detailed hatching instructions and real-time support throughout the incubation process. You’ll also receive a special light for candling and starter feed for your hatchlings.

4. Presentation + Eggs + Hatching/Incubation Supplies + Starter Kit: This all-inclusive package covers everything mentioned above, along with a brooder box complete with bedding, feeder, waterer, and heating equipment. Instructions tailored to the bird species you’ve selected are also included.

Let us assist you in planning your hatching adventures with perfect timing, whether it’s for a memorable birthday celebration, an unforgettable anniversary, or a captivating exploration of the avian life cycle. Uncover the wonder of life unfolding before your eyes and deepen your understanding of these remarkable creatures with our educational programs. Join us on this extraordinary journey today!

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