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Discover your ideal custom chicken order tailored to your unique preferences with the expertise of the Fowl Guru at Sugar Feather Farm. We offer a comprehensive package that includes a carefully selected bird, hand-picked and raised based on your specific requirements. Choose from a range of options, including older pullets or cockerels, special feathering or coloring requests, breeding quality birds, therapy chickens with desired traits, or sexed Silkie chickens (see here for sexing policy).

Enjoy the added benefit of a half-hour consultation with our knowledgeable Fowl Guru. as one of the choices. Secure your order with a $100 deposit per bird, and any additional fees related to your selected bird(s) will be communicated after the consultation or closer to the scheduled shipping or pickup date.

Here is how it works:

  1. Select this option and how many birds you want customized.
  2. During checkout in the notes section please be very specific on your needs
  3. Check out and pay the deposit.
  4. Select product: $100 the deposit for the selected bird. $150 option is consultation with Fowl Guru and deposit (savings of $15).
  5. Schedule a consultation here with the Fowl Guru to discuss your needs if that option is chosen.

Some chickens we suggest for therapy include: Silkie Chickens and Serama Chickens. You could also use Bantam Orpington, Bantam Wyandotte.

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It is all up to the animals when they are ready to start. Once they start laying we will start processing orders. All orders are processed in orders received.

Please read how our orders are processed here

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Fowl Guru Red Carpet Chicken Package

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Deposit and Consult $150
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Are you in search of a customized chicken order tailored to your specific needs? Look no further than the Fowl Guru at Sugar Feather Farm, who will expertly select the perfect bird for you. Our comprehensive package offers a meticulously chosen bird from Sugar Feather Farm, hand-picked and raised according to your discussed requirements with the Fowl Guru.

Here are some areas that our package can cover:

  • Older pullets or cockerels beyond the typical 9-10 weeks
  • Special requests for unique feathering or coloring that goes beyond the norm.
  • Breeding quality birds that fulfill your specific requirements.
  • Therapy chickens, thoughtfully selected for desired traits.
  • Sexed Silkie chickens (see policies here for full details).
  • DNA Sexing for guarantee of female/male

In addition to the aforementioned benefits, this package can include a half-hour consultation with the knowledgeable Fowl Guru. To secure your order, a deposit of $100 per bird is required. Any additional fees related to the selected bird(s) will be communicated after the consultation or closer to the scheduled shipping or pickup date.

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