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Chick Duckling and Gosling Starter Feed – Non GMO

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Product: Chick Duckling Gosling Starter Feed Non-GMO

Use: To feed your growing poultry from birth to 3 weeks

Instructions: Keep feed in airtight container. Free feed your birds. Young birds need access at all times to food and water. Waterfowl need water always when eating. We recommend keeping feeders at the height of their backs, so adjusting them will be necessary. Birds tend to always go for the big pieces of feed or treats. This will help with waste. Make sure to have grit free choice for the birds and fresh clean water.

Quantities: at farm can purchase 5lb increments, 50 lb increments. For sipping 10lb, 20lb increments.


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We here at Sugar Feather Farm, have done the hard work and found the BEST fowl feed we can find. We would love to share this feed with you, our customers.  This is our Chick, duckling and gosling starter feed. This feed is all inclusive for what your feathered friends will need at this stage.

We source our feed from Triple M Farms in Pennsylvania. They are a Non-GMO project verified facility.  All of their rations are formulated by the experienced animal nutritionists at The Fertrell Co. We have a unique vitamin and mineral premix with probiotics and digestive enzymes that is used in our custom feeds. Our blend has all that is needed for both chicks and baby waterfowl. We still highly recommend grit on the side,  free choice for growing fowl.

Why do ducks and goslings need special feed?

Ducklings and Goslings need 18 mg/lb of niacin. What is Niacin? Niacin is a crucial B vitamin and is essential for bone development, digestion, skin, and nervous system function for waterfowl. Generally with commercial feeds you will need to purchase additional supplements to make up the lack of these levels of nutrients. Our feed includes this level of niacin and more!

Fresh Feed is key!

The feed company does not add any preservatives, it is FRESH. They fresh batch everything to order to ensure you as a customer get the longest shelf life out of the product. The fresher the feed the better. Fertrell Co. sees the best results if feed is used within 2 weeks of manufacturing. However, we understand this isn’t always plausible, so try to feed within 30 days of manufacture to ensure feed is fresh and vitamin levels are high. Purchasing feed locally, check your bags for freshness.

The feed is a mix of ground and cracked grains. We are finding our birds love the feed and are doing very well on it, with some amazing changes like better feather growth, feather coloring, overall larger bird. Any mash left over you can make into a paste or wet for optimum consumption as birds love to pick through their feed. We are going to keep a limited amount on hand at a time to ensure freshness of the feed and storage capacity.

Each of the feeds should have the feeding instructions, age range for birds, and nutritional information printed on the tag. This starter can be used for ducklings, goslings and chicks up to age 3 weeks. After that a grower feed is recommended.

For shipping:

The feed is available in quantities of 20lbs and 10 lbs. This will be shipped via USPS at flat rate pricing. We tried to find the most economical pricing.

We will soon have a subscription service where we can set up auto-reorder.

For pick-up:

We will have 50lbs and 5 lb increments for purchase. You will need to bring your own container for anything under 50lbs. A 5 lb bucket can work, tote, etc.

Storage: keep the feed in an airtight storage container away from heat and wet conditions. This will ensure the longevity of the feed and optimal freshness.

Pre-ordered adults and hatchlings may be picked up by appointment. To safeguard our birds from exposure to disease brought in by visitors, in accordance with the provisions of the National Poultry Improvement Plan, areas where birds are kept are off limits. However you are welcome to look at all the breeds and interactions, it is a site to see.

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