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Bielfelder Chicken

From: $7.00

Country of Origin: Germany

Primary Use: Dual Purpose

​Bird Size: 6-10lbs

Egg Production: Excellent

Egg Size: large

Egg Color: Brown

Comb Type: Single Comb

​Hardiness: Heat and Cold Tolerant

​Temperament: Docile

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Have you ever heard of the über chicken? It is the Bielfelder of course! Hailed as the ultimate chicken breed possessing everything desirable: autosexing bird, dual purpose, very hardy through harsh winters and high heat, beautiful feather patterns, and a docile breed, some say acting like dogs not chickens. We consider this a rare breed and there is not many breeders who carry pure, good quality birds.

Bielefelders consistently lay some of the largest brown eggs we have typically seen here at the farm, they lay them in very impressive numbers, and start laying at a young age. The eggs are a color that is unique to this breed. Their beautiful shade of brown, which often contains pink undertones, is distinct in appearance, it is so pretty. Some eggs are speckled, to different brown undertones.  They can lay up to 200-230 eggs per year! Hens are also unusual in that despite their large size they are gentle, and you can even remove the eggs from under the hens without being pecked. These are large robust birds and can also be used as a fine table bird which mature pretty quick for a non-commercial breed. These are hardy birds that do well in all temperatures. What we like about autosexing breeds is you can have a self-sustaining flock! Since they are auto-sexing, you can know when born females to male ratios. You can consistently regenerate your birds for the ultimate homesteading flock. Since they are a larger bird remember to keep the area they are housed in large and provide a large run or free range area. They do well in confinement but prefer to forage.

The Bielefelder DNA has the autosexing function; day-old chicks can be sexed based on their feather color patterns, and this trait is passed on with each generation. the males have a distinct white “dot” on their heads, females dont but have a more chipmunk brown stripe.  The complex color pattern in the adults is known as Kennfarbig and in English would be called Cuckoo Red Partridge. Even in its native land Bielefelders command a very high price today, and they are virtually unknown outside Germany. They are absolutely beautiful birds. If you are to only have one rooster choose a Bielfelder both beautiful, large, docile and great all around roosters. These are one of our top favorite breeds here on the farm. Hatcheries seek out our stock for their own flocks!


Feed Recommendations: we recommend starting baby chicks out with Sugar Feather Farm chick starter for the first 3 weeks, then switch to our Chicken Grower. Use the Grower Feed until they hit maturation (which is when they start to lay) then switch to Sugar Feather Farm Adult Feed

We highly recommend using the Oil of Oregano in their water daily as a supplement to aid with digestion and overall health.



the Bielefelder chicken was German engineered in the town of Bielfelder by Gerd Roth in the early 1970’s.  It would seem a tribute to American standard bred large fowl or possibly a secondary attempt in the 1980’s to create a colored large growth chicken. The breeds used in creation of the Bielefelder consist of New Hampshires derived from strains of Rhode Island Reds, Amrocks, Wyandottes, and Belgian Malines. Some even say Welsummers.

Pre-ordered adults and hatchlings may be picked up by appointment. To safeguard our birds from exposure to disease brought in by visitors, in accordance with the provisions of the National Poultry Improvement Plan, areas where birds are kept are off limits. However you are welcome to look at all the breeds and interactions, it is a site to see.

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