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Amberlink Chicken



Fully Feathered Females – these will be ladies who are feathered out and coop ready. They will be available for pickup between October 17th to November 30 with an appointment. Shipping dates are October 19th to November 30.  EXTENDED FOR NOVEMBER Order directly on website.

Adding to Existing Order: only applicable if we are shipping your order during these times. This will have to be manually entered so you will have to reach out to us via email.

New Order: Any combination is fine of these breeds.



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It is all up to the animals when they are ready to start. Once they start laying we will start processing orders. All orders are processed in orders received.

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Extended to November!


Sugar Feather Farm has sourced some Amberlink Chickens for a limited time. These are hybrids with crossing of Rhode Island Reds and Blue Australorps. These are super mellow birds! We are very impressed by their “chilled out” and relaxing attitudes. They are a pleasure to have as chicks, not too needy and very docile. These hybrids are of course excellent layers year round with performance of 300 or more eggs!  With a terrific blend of sought after traits, the Amberlink is a very well balanced, all-around performance chicken with excellent temperament. A champion egg layer with strong shelled and beautiful medium dark brown eggs,. Amberlinks are also a great forager, significantly better at finding its own food than most other backyard breeds. They are not large birds so great conversion on feed and cheaper feed costs. The Amberlink is a fantastic choice for northern climates, as it is quite cold hardy as well as heat tolerant. Looking to add an easy bird who produces well and hardy? Check this breed out.


Purpose: Egg Layer

Production: 300 Large Brown Eggs

Temperament: Docile, Mellow, Good Foragers

Weight: 5-6 lbs.

Hardiness: Cold and Heat Hardy

Comb Type: Single Comb


These birds were obtained as Organic Chickens, we have been raising them Non-GMO in a caring, loving environment. These are not hatched or bred here so quality and personality can vary. We are not responsible for any issues from this. Sexing is 99% guaranteed but we can never be 100% please be aware there is a very slight risk of error. We are not responsible for any errors on this.

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