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Adult Quail Layer Blend Feed Non-GMO

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Product: Adult Quail Layer Blend Feed Non-GMO

Features: No Preservatives or Additives, Non-GMO, Freshly Made, Vitamins at Peak Performance, Custom Made for Seasons, Pre and Pro-Biotics, Oregano Oil to help with Coccidiosis and Gut Health Naturally, High Amino Acids for Egg Quality – Hatchability – Feather Quality.

Use: Feed to from onset of lay. Feed 0.3 oz (8.5g) per bird per day to average adult quail, and 1 oz (28g) to jumbo quail. Ensure access to clean, fresh water at all times. Can provide access to free-choice calcium if desired.

Instructions: Keep feed in airtight container. Free feed your birds.  We recommend keeping feeders at the height of their backs, so adjusting them will be necessary.  In addition, quail like to dust bathe in their feeders so find ways to block that but allow them access to feed. Birds tend to always go for the big pieces of feed or treats. This will help with waste. Make sure to have grit free choice for the birds and fresh clean water.

Quantities: at the farm can purchase 5lb increments and 40 lb increments. For shipping 20lb increments or order in bulk see here for bulk orders

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  • Our feed is milled and made fresh every month. Please allow some lead time for ordering since sometimes there can be a delay with filling due to supply and demand.

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50lb and 5lb are for states close to Vermont like Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, and Rhode Island for pickup only.

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Adult Quail Layer Blend Feed Non-GMO

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Adult Quail Layer Blend Feed Non-GMO

We here at Sugar Feather Farm, have done the hard work and found the BEST fowl feed we can find. As a farm who deals with rare, and unique breeds of fowl who require more nutritional needs than the average fowl, we needed to seek high and low to find feed to meet our birds requirements. We were noticing that none of the commercial feeds that were available were meeting the needs of the fowl (nutritional deficiencies, low feather quality, slow growth.) plus we were concerned with additives, preservatives and GMO’s, most feeds don’t have fresh ingredients. We decided to go on a mission to find fresh and nutritionally balanced feed for our fowl here on the farm and also wanted to share this great feed with you! This is our Adult Quail Layer Blend. This feed is all inclusive for what your feathered friends will need at this stage.

We get our feed custom milled and designed in PA at a Non-GMO project verified facility.  All of our feeds are formulated by the experienced animal nutritionists at The Fertrell Co. in addition to poultry scientists, and our Fowl Guru. We have a unique vitamin and mineral premix with probiotics and digestive enzymes that is used in our custom feeds. In addition we have added a product called Prosper EO, which provides essential gut health for developing fowl. Grit is included in the starter feed, because all fowl need grit to digest their food, however we still highly recommend grit on the side, free choice for the babies.


No preservatives or antibiotics. Non-GMO. Pre- and pro-biotics. Freshly ground and fortified with extra vitamins, minerals, and amino acids to promote peak breeder and layer performance, including egg quality, hatchability, and plumage condition. Essential oils to help naturally prevent coccidiosis and maintain gut health.


Feed to quail from onset of lay or 8 weeks and up.

Feeding instructions:

Feed to from onset of lay. Feed 0.3 oz (8.5g) per bird per day to average adult quail, and 1 oz (28g) to jumbo quail. Ensure access to clean, fresh water at all times. Can provide access to free-choice calcium if desired.

Why do gamebirds — quail specifically, need a special feed?

Gamebirds need higher levels of protein and amino acids for early feather and body function development. The adult quail feed is specially designed for breeding quail and laying quail for optimum egg production and bird function. Quail at this age need extra vitamins and minerals for strong eggshells, if quail are not receiving a balanced feed – their shells are brittle.  Many of the breeds we raise and preserve have weak immune systems and genetically are hard to breed.  We find getting their nutrition at peak performance to work with these specialty breeds helps increase fertility and overall health. They need extra nutrition; minerals and vitamins at their optimum level, many of the feeds already produced are not fresh, thus lacking in viable nutrients.

Why do I need to feed a quail specific feed?

Gamebirds require different levels of protein, vitamins and minerals at different stages. Adult quail specifically need high protein and calcium levels for peak performance, hatchability and longevity.

Fresh Feed is key!

Our feed company does not add any preservatives, it is FRESH. They fresh batch everything to order to ensure you as a customer get the longest shelf life out of the product. The fresher the feed the better. Fertrell Co.(our nutritionists) sees the best results if feed is used within 2 weeks of manufacturing. However, we understand this isn’t always plausible, so try to feed within 30 days of manufacture to ensure feed is fresh and vitamin levels are high. We make sure all our feeds  are in tightly sealed containers to ensure freshness.

The feed is a mix of ground and cracked grains, they are not made into pellets for a reason. Many times there is additives and preservatives to create the pellets. We prefer it as a mix for this reason. We are finding our birds love the feed and are doing very well on it, with some amazing changes like better feather growth, feather coloring, overall larger bird and performance. Any mash left over you can make into a paste or wet for optimum consumption as birds love to pick through their feed of course!

Each of the feeds should have the feeding instructions, age range for birds, and nutritional information printed on the tag. This grower can be used for poultry from 3 weeks till point of lay. After that our Breeder-Layer feed is recommended, some more fragile breeds call for the grower feed to be used longer and this is recommended on the breed page.

Prosper EO – Our Secret Weapon!

Prosper EO is a powerful antioxidant we add to all our Sugar Feather Farm feeds. It is a broad range immunity booster that has prebiotic fibers and blends of microinfused oils that helps support digestive health, overall performance, growth, and development. It boosts the fowl’s immunity so it can fight common diseases, issues, and weather changes. Case studies shows the data and has helped with Salmonella, E-Coli, and Coccidiosis in a safe and natural way. We strongly believe in using Oregano Oil in both feed and in the water for optimum results.

We also recommend using our Oregano Oil in the water as well.

Prosper EO Quail Studies

Prosper EO Turkey Studies

Prosper EO Necrotic Entries

For shipping:

The feed is available in quantities of 20lbs. This will be shipped via USPS at flat rate pricing. We tried to find the most economical pricing out there.

For pick-up:

We will have 40lbs and 5 lb increments for purchase.

Storage: keep the feed in an airtight storage container away from heat and wet conditions. This will ensure the longevity of the feed and optimal freshness. If any feed does get wet use right away — moldy feed can kill your birds!

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I ordered game bird feed and I am very happy with the product. The online ordering was super easy and the wait time for the feed to arrive was satisfactory. The product was very fresh and my birds love it! I will definitly order more products from Sugar Feather Farms

Sharon J


McMurray Hatchery Visitors

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