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30 Minute Fowl Consultation


Sugar Feather Farm offers fowl consultations over the phone, video or in person for all your chicken, duck, turkey, guinea, quail and geese needs. We noticed a demand and need for customers seeking out accurate information customized for their flocks, weather conditions and situations. There is a lot of misinformation on fowl care, medications,  natural solutions or just general needs. You have this rare opportunity to chat with fowl expert Nicolle here on the farm. She is extremely knowledgeable and has a vast resource of information, advice, and on the farm things she has had to deal with. She consults with industry experts in both breeding, farming and nutrition, attends seminars, classes, and is up to date and current in the industry.

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30 Minute Fowl Consultation

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30 Minute Fowl Consultation
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Thanks so much for such a great consult today. R and I love your farm and found your information invaluable. I am adding this consult for the additional time we had with you today. I look forward to further consults with you.

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30 Minute Fowl Consultation

Consultations can cover any concerns you have about your flock, but here are some examples:

  • How do I take care of baby chicks? Do they need supplements, what kinds of feed? Heat? Light? Is my housing right?
  • Ducklings? How are they different then chickens? When can they go outside? Can they swim? What kind of feed? Housing?
  • What are geese needs? Turkeys?
  • Explaining your setup and us helping you customize it.
  • Anything related to guineas. How to feed? Keep them on the property? What they need nutritionally to thrive?
  •  Any unusual behaviors? Are they sick?
  • Some advice on treatments for sickness and disease. (see note below)

NOTE: we are not Veterinarians. Our advice is based on our education and experience. If your flock needs immediate attention please seek a Veterinarian in your area.

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