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  • black spanish turkey

    Black Spanish Turkey

    Country of Origin: Europe

    Primary Use: Meat

    ​Bird Size: 14-23 Lbs

    Egg Production: seasonal layers (Spring-Summer)

    Egg Size:X-Large

    Egg Color: pale cream to medium brown with spotting

    ​Hardiness: hardy

    ​Temperament: docile, curious, friendly

    ALBC Priority: Threatened

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  • Icelandic Hen

    Icelandic Chicken

    Country of Origin: Iceland

    Bird Size: 3-5.5

    Egg Production: great

    Egg Size: medium

    Egg Color: medium white

    Comb Type: all comb styles

    ​Hardiness: very hardy in all environments but extremely cold hardy

    ​Temperament: some are talkative and friendly, some flighty, prefer to free range

    Conservation Status: Threatened

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  • female pilgrim goose

    Pilgrim Geese

    Country of Origin: United States
    Primary Use: Triple Purpose
    ​Bird Size: 13-14, medium weight class
    Egg Production: Good, 35-46 eggs seasonal layers
    Egg Size: X-Large
    Egg Color: White
    Comb Type: Single Comb
    ​Hardiness: Very hardy. Extremely cold tolerant
    ​Temperament: friendly like human interaction
    Livestock Conservancy Priority: Threatened 

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  • faverolles hen

    Salmon Faverolles Chicken

    Country of Origin: France

    Primary Use: egg and meat – dual purpose

    ​Bird Size: 7-11 lb

    Egg Production: excellent-240 eggs a year

    Egg Size: medium

    Egg Color: tan

    Comb Type: single comb

    ​Hardiness: cold tolerant, good for all climates

    ​Temperament: very docile friendly wonderful family bird

    Livestock Conservancy Status: Threatened

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