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  • Ayam Cemani Hen and chicks

    Ayam Cemani Chicken

    Country of Origin: Indonesia

    Primary Use: Dual Purpose

    ​Bird Size: 3-6.5

    Egg Production: Good

    Egg Size: Medium-Large

    Egg Color: Pinkish to Tan

    Comb Type: Single Comb

    ​Hardiness: does well in all temperatures

    ​Temperament: friendly like human interaction



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  • hedemora

    Hedemora Chicken

    Country of Origin: Sweden

    Primary Use: Egg

    ​Bird Size: 4-5 Lbs

    Egg Production: Good

    Egg Size:Medium

    Egg Color: Tan color

    Comb Type: Single comb

    ​Hardiness: Extremely cold tolerant, heat tolerant as well

    ​Temperament: friendly and docile

    ALBC Priority: Not Listed


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  • Lyonnaise Hen

    Lyonnaise Chicken

    Country of Origin: France
    Primary Use: Dual Purpose
    ​Bird Size: 3-5
    Egg Production: Excellent
    Egg Size: Medium to Large
    Egg Color: White and some light pink
    Comb Type: Many styles
    ​Hardiness: Heat and cold tolerant, very hardy bird
    ​Temperament: Docile, quiet, free range or bears confinement


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