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Whether you want to raise turkeys for meat or you just want a new pet to keep around the homestead, Sugar Feather Farm is here to help. We specialize in heritage breeds of turkeys. These turkeys are able to naturally reproduce, raise their young, and taste better than the commercial breeds of turkeys. Turkeys can be a great addition to your flock with fun personalities and diversity. Heritage turkeys are key to our future, and they are endangered today. We are in need of stewards in our communities to raise these beautiful birds.







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  • Heritage Turkey Varieties

    Country of Origin: USA

    ​Bird Size: 14-23 lbs

    Comb Type: N/a

    Primary Use: Meat, Pet

    Egg Production: Seasonal

    Egg Size: Extra Large

    Egg Color: Cream Speckled

    ​Hardiness: All Temps

    Temperament: Curious

    Environment Type: Free Range

    Livestock Conservation Status: Watch

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