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Guinea Fowl

Guineas are gamebirds that are great addition many situations and set-ups. Guineas are vigorous, hardy, and largely disease-free birds.

Here at Sugar Feather Farm our guinea fowl is a 40 year old flock originating in Vermont. There are many reasons we raise guinea fowl. The birds sound an alarm whenever anything unusual occurs on the farm, and they discourage rodents. Our favorite part is they are tick decimators! They are an organic pest control for your property. they can also be used for meat and lay an abundant amount of eggs.

We have some beautiful rare colors and invite you to try these birds.







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  • Guinea Fowl Keet

    Guinea Fowl

    Country of Origin: Africa, Central African plains

    ​Bird Size: Adult male – 3 to 3.5 lbs. Adult Hen – 3.5 lbs

    Comb Type: Guineas have a helmet, commonly called the casque.

    Primary Use: Triple Purpose

    Egg Production: Seasonal (Can begin as early as 16 weeks.)

    Egg Size: Medium (shell is small and shaped like a top)

    Egg Color: Cream Speckled (Egg shell color varies depending on which hen lays it.)

    ​Hardiness: All Temps (Winter hardy as long as they are not exposed to drafts or dampness)

    Temperament: High Strung, Curious non-aggressive

    Environment Type: Free Range

    Livestock Conservation Status: N/a


    ALBC Priority: N/a

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