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  • Non-GMO
    guinea keet

    Guinea Fowl

    Country of Origin: Africa, the Central African plains

    Primary Use: pest control, hobby, eggs, meat

    ​Bird Size: Adult male – 3 to 3.5 lbs. Adult Hen – 3.5 lbs

    Egg Production: Can begin as early as 16 weeks. Usually lay one egg per day from April to September.

    Egg Size: the shell is small and shaped like a top, but the egg inside will be the size of a medium to large chicken egg and taste the same

    Egg Color: Egg shell color varies depending on which hen lays it. You cannot determine the color of the keet inside by the color of the egg shell.

    Comb Type: Guineas have a helmet, commonly called the casque; it is pale, hard and curves toward the body.

    ​Hardiness: Winter hardy as long as they are not exposed to drafts or dampness

    ​Temperament: non-aggressive to humans, pets, chickens

    ALBC Priority: N/a

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