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  • ratite starter and grower

    Ratite Starter / Grower / Breeder Feed Non-GMO


    Check out Sugar Feather Farm Ratite Feeds. We have emu’s here at our farm and all ratites need special feeds in order to properly grow and develop. There are very few and far between feeds out there for Emu’s, Ostrich, and Rhea’s here in the United States. Many of the feeds fall short on nutrition and freshness. Our feeds are all Non-GMO and freshly made. Our emu’s are thriving and there is no waste.


    Why Sugar Feather Farm Ratite Feeds are superior:

    Higher fiber and appropriate energy to help maintain lean body composition

    Mineral amounts formulated to optimize skeletal structure

    Vitamin levels optimized for development and immunity

    Kelp to support mineral levels and immunity

    Direct Fed Microbials to support digestive health and immunity

    Diatomaceous Earth to support digestive health

    From: $3.00
    Earn up to 330 Feather Points.


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