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Looking for a way to figure out timing on your chicken order? Sugar Feather Farm has an order Processing Time that can help you figure out a general wait time. We know planning for your new feathered friends is important, so this is a tool to assist.

Click the link below to access our Processing Time

Only edit the orange area to input the date of your order(s)

Processing Time – Google Sheets

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Why is it an estimate?

There are many factors that change the date.

Other factors such as weather, animal behavior, high demand, and seasons can other affect wait times.


Why am I get an error?

Only the date can be changed. So only edit D3 aka the orange area


Why only chickens?

All other fowl we carry have different hatch dates.

on chicks for the

Month of April

10% off

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**Excludes our flocks that are small or in high demand


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