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Consent and Acknowledgment of Policies

By using or visiting our site you acknowledge our privacy policy and Policies related to this site. With the reference business name as Sugar Feather Farm/Sugar Feather Farm LLC, (also reffered to as “provider”, “we”, “us”, “our” or “they”, “I”).

Site Policies and Modifications

Sugar Feather Farm may revise these terms and conditions anytime without notice. By using this website you are agreeing to be bound by the then current version of the Policies.

Sugar feather has the right to cancel or refuse order anytime


Ship and Fill Dates

We fill all orders on a first come first serve basis, in the order of received payment. Typically orders for chicks and other fowl babies can take 2-8 weeks, sometimes longer depending on the number of pending orders or of times during lower egg volume and in peak season. 1-5 weeks on hatching eggs, and fully feathered birds 3 months or more. Fully feathered birds need first to be incubated, hatched (that’s a month) then grown, this is a process. We try to be as flexible as possible if you have special requests, we can bump orders back if you want chicks or eggs after a certain date but cannot bump orders ahead of others already in order. Chicks will hatch and ship every week throughout the year (excluding November-February). Due to Covid-19 issues with the Postal Service this might not always be the case. Shipping is based on weather conditions at the time, safety of the birds and the farm’s schedule. Shipping is at our discretion.

Shipping to Canada: Due to postal regulations, hatchlings cannot be shipped via the postal service into Canada. Our Canadian customers have their birds shipped to a stateside post office for pick up. Let us know in comments that you are from Canada so we can assist!

Due to Covid-19 all orders are taking 1-3 days longer than expected. This is an issue for live fowl. We are very concerned and have had some heartbreaks. Until things are back to normal effective 4/25/20 any live fowl that is shipped we will not guarantee any of the chicks. We strongly recommend you pay for overnight or 1 day shipping.




If you choose to cancel your order, you can decide to receive store credit (excluding shipping cost) or 30% re-stocking fee. If you need to cancel your order, please email us the reason for your cancellation and your order number, please don’t cancel over text or chat. We can take certain situations on a case-by-case basis. We work really hard to take care of all our birds and this takes lots of labor and love. Our farm is our livelihood.  In the event that Sugar Feather Farm can’t fill an order, we reserve the right to cancel an order, and a refund will then be issued with explanation.

See example below:

$100 of orders

$25 shipping

option A:

you will get $95 out of $125  ($100 Orders-%30 Stocking Fee=$70 + $25 Shipping= $95)

Option B

$100 is turned to store credit with $25 given back to you

Cancellations Prior to Shipment: Any orders cancelled 1-2 weeks before shipment will not be refunded no exceptions.

Incase a customer has a deposit and wants credit on the site, the customer can substitute deposit for credits.


Returns and Refunds

Due to USPS office regulations, we can not take back any live animals such as chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, guineas or quail. Only things that can be returned are feed, kombucha starter, oil of oregano, pure raw honey, quail egg scissors and t-shirts. Everything else is non refundable.

When requesting a refund and it is issued, all refunds will be issued using the payment you used on your order.  Sugar Feather Farm when contacted may take a week to process this request, please be patient. Refunds on the payment side can take anywhere from 3 days to one week, we dont have control on the processing of that refund, please contact your bank to check on this status. Sugar Feather Farm when a refund is issued will send you an email and text message notifying you the order has been refunded.

Filing disputes or claims with PayPal or Credit Card:  We ask you please consider NOT doing this. Please call or email and we will gladly explain or help. We are here to assist. When you file a claim or dispute this tarnishes our business, costs us money and compromises our farm. If you are disputing the shipping fees due to USPS errors, we need to wait out their process, this takes time. Filing a claim with Paypal or bank card hurts us and does not help the situation. If you choose to file a claim or dispute you will loose the right to shop or buy with us.

Hatching Eggs

All hatching eggs are shipped via USPS. For shipping speed you can select 2 options. USPS Standard Priority Mail, insured up to $50 included. Second option is Priority Mail Express 1-3 day guaranteed with insurance up to $100.  We ship hatching eggs generally on Monday or Tuesday, never at the end of the week, as we want our eggs to leave as soon as possible to get to you fresh!  Due to Covid-19 things are taking longer with us and USPS. We package our eggs securely to prevent breakage, but rough handling during shipping and some may still break. Our birds are healthy and produce nice strong eggs that ship extremely well. We test fertility here at our farm, but because of conditions beyond our control (Including USPS handling, fluctuation of temperatures, your incubation practices, etc…) we cannot guarantee development or hatch rates after the eggs have left our farm. A fertilized egg can’t show development for various reasons including those listed above, and once the egg has been incubated you cannot tell by cracking it that it was an unfertilized egg. Please only purchase hatching eggs from us if you understand our hatching eggs policy! Shipping eggs is always a risk. We recommend purchasing live babies from us if you want a guaranteed number of live fowl.  Any eggs that are damaged during shipment are non refundable, however if mishandled and damaged we can try to file a claim with USPS for the damage. You will need to submit a claim directly with USPS, be sure to take pictures of the eggs, and box damage.


There is generally no minimum for shipping and local pick up,  however we recommend at least 3.  2-20 day olds are shipped via USPS Priority Mail Express and delivered to your post office, normally 1 to 3 days after they leave us. As part of the cost of shipping we include the extra insurance on the babies. This insurance covers any issues in transit, and special handing. All babies are sold straight run unless otherwise noted. We ship babies early in the week, and please be prepared to pick up babies promptly from the post office when they arrive.  They are not delivered to your home. We do a minimum for the safety of the babies, less and they are not warm enough and issues can arise. If you want less we can accommodate but you will need to understand the risks associated with that. When shipping we do our best to equip the babies with all they need for safe travels – food, veggies/fruit/eggs a gel that is like water and food for them, heat packs if needed and a nice floor pad. This is all included in the shipping price.

We are very concerned and have had some heartbreaks. Until things are back to normal effective 4/25/20 any live fowl that is shipped we will not guarantee any of the chicks. We have included overnight or 1-2 day shipping AND insurance. We will happily send you new chicks (based on our timing) but you will need to pay for them and the shipping, we just can’t afford to cover the cost. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Insurance and Guarantee

Ducklings and goslings ship very well and normally arrive in good condition. We have no control over the treatment the fowl receive once they leave us, all shipments and fowl are insured for loss, damage, or shortage occurring en route this is a basic insurance up to $100. If your order is over $100 additional insurance is purchased. If any issues occur during transit please make your insurance claim though the USPS. We suggest opening that box right there in front of the postal worker, if there is an issue have them make a claim right there! If any chicks arrive with complications not incurred by the post office, promptly send us pictures of the chicks and the box/label with explanation to our email ( with your order number in the subject line. We will review and if determined our errors, a credit will be issued. Extra babies sent not included. No refunds/credit will be given for the shipping charge, if sending out any replacements, you will need to pay shipping fee.

UPDATE 4/25/2020 Due to Covid-19 all orders are taking 1-3 days longer than expected. This is an issue for live fowl. We are very concerned and have had some heartbreaks. Until things are back to normal effective 4/25 any live fowl that is shipped we will not guarantee any of the chicks. We do send chicks the fastest speed we can. We will happily send you new chicks (if available) but you will need to pay for them and the shipping, we just can’t afford to cover the cost. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.


Deposit Policy

Sugar Feather Farm offers a deposit service where you can put down a deposit of 50% of the purchase price on a fowl or product that is out of stock or back ordered to reserve that item when it becomes available. We also offer Quadpay where you can make payment plans for free. Sugar Feather Farm will keep in close contact on status and time frame for product to be in stock. We typically have a limited stock supply because we are a small operation not a hatchery and stock is dependent on several circumstances that can be out of our control. We are unable to control any unforeseen issues with the birds, weather or seasonal changes. If the bird is not producing or something happens – sickness or death, we can raise a new fowl for you depending on the current hen breeding schedule. Our popular breeds tend to sell out fast. If we can’t accommodate due to any reason on our end a credit will be issued and in very special circumstances a refund. If you need to cancel your order and you have put down a deposit you will forfeit your deposit.



Waiting List (without deposit)

On the product page of the item there is a section where you can sign up for notifications on our stock status of that particular breed(s) you are interested in. This a great option for stock notification when you are ready to order. We also offer a newsletter, Facebook Page and Instagram account where we regularly post updates!


QuadPay Customer Agreement 


Farm Pickups and Visits

We require appointments for all fowl pickups. Please don’t just show up, we might not be able to accommodate you. For Biosecurity there will be no visitors allowed on the farm premises where the birds are fenced or breeding. We have signage indicating this and fencing, please don’t go past this area. It is for the birds and your safety. However you are welcome to look around at all the birds prior to selection, it is quite a site to see! Selecting farm pickup at checkout is free of charge. DUE TO COVID-19 our pickups are a lot stricter, please see our blog article on this.


Ayam Cemani

Our Ayam Cemani breeding stock were selected from pure Ayam Cemani chickens for their  black features and type. We follow the proposed standard of perfection and members of the Ayam Cemani Breeders Association.  However, not all Ayam Cemani offspring grow up to be solid black, even with solid black looking parents. They have a special pigmentation called fibromelanosis. We cannot guarantee the distribution of black pigment in the offspring you receive, because the offspring might not carry the double gene for the fibro. We are constantly working on our breeding program here. Our birds are very popular so stock does fluctuate. Be prepared to wait for your bird, they are generally backordered. We will do our best to fill in a timely manner. For returns or refunds on Cemani – there are never returns for any chickens due to biosecurity and NO refunds on Cemani (sexing fee clause does not apply).

High Demand Breeds

Certain breeds we carry have a higher demand than usual. This can be because of popularity, rarity of bird, flock size or egg lay rates.   So this means for hatching eggs we assess the orders already placed and determine when we can fill it then work on collecting eggs. For babies we set the eggs then it will take at least 22 days till hatch ( quail/20 duck/turkey/guinea 29, goose 34). Then we give them a week to acclimate. If there are orders ahead those will be filled first. For fully feathered it is those days plus the typical 5-8 week growing period , so roughly 3 months. The general timeline above applies but can be extended if there are already orders in place or we have a bird that is in higher demand (Ayam Cemani, Polish, Serama, Icelandic). Expect to wait longer than usual for these breeds during the seasons, the farm is not required on these breeds to abide by the normal timeframes. Pre-ordering the high demand breeds is a good idea so when the season arrives your order processes first.


We take all forms of payment including: Checks, PayPal, Credit Card and Cash, and Money Orders. Checks and cash are reserved for Farm Pickups only. We also include several deposit and payment plan options on our site. Full payment is due before any orders are shipped.

Sexing Birds

Chickens – Sugar Feather offers sexing, identifying if the bird is male or female on our Fully Feathered birds (.) When placing your order and selecting :Fully Feathered”)  click the Sexing Agreement if you chose a female bird. This fee is $5 and it states:

Sexing Agreement

Fully Feathered Females
Sugar Feather offers sexed female birds for our customers. If you are looking for a rooster, don’t check this box and mention in the notes. Please see our sexing policy before ordering. See our Sexing Policy 

Sexing birds is hard to do and only 80% accurate. We base this assumption on behavior and feathering. We don’t vet sex any of our birds. If you do end up with a male and wanted a female there are some options: we can offer you 30% credit off the purchase price of your original bird to put towards your Sugar Feather Farm account or a refund of $10 to the original form of payment. Due to biosecurity on the farm and state regulations, we are not allowed to except any birds back. You are more than welcome to order another bird but shipping rates apply.

Ayam Cemani, Seramas, and Pavlovskaya there are no refunds or credits of any kind.

Silkies are not sexed at all so the sexing fee does not apply.

Have a rooster and dont know what to do? There are options. Typically if it is a bird from our farm and a rare breed you will be able to resell the bird. There are also farms that take roosters, sanctuaries, Craigslist. Keep them!  They are important to a flock! Consider having one or 2 if you are allowed. Our farm believes in animal welfare and loves our boys. Not all roosters are mean or bad. They can be an asset to your flock. Ask us for advice we can help.

Auto-Sexing Chickens: These are chickens where at birth the offspring can be identified as male and female by colorings. This is a guaranteed Male/Female

For ducks/turkeys : Our farm believes in farm welfare practices and all sexes of ducks and turkeys are important in a flock. By vent sexing a duck you can injure their reproductive systems.

Store Credit

Store credit bought on the sight can be redeemed for purchases on Sugar feather farms site.  Store credit CANNOT be redeemed for CASH. STORE Credit is valid for 3 years.
Sugar feather farm reserves the right to change this policy anytime.

Gift Certificate

By purchasing or using a gift certificate (Including codes) issued by, you agree to these terms and conditions. Our gift certificates are redeemable for purchases made on To redeem a gift certificated, a valid account needs to exists.

Gift certificates are not refundable and cannot be redeemed for cash except required by applicable law. Gift certificates can not be used to purchase other gift certificates and can not be reloaded, resold, or transferred for value. Gift certificates do not expire and are not subject to any fees. Sugar Feather farms has the right to cancel a purchased gift certificate if we suspect it been used or obtained unlawfully or otherwise violation of these gift certificate terms of use.


Abandon Policy

Time and time again customers tend to buy things and loose interest after. This is called Abandoned which falls under the abandoned policy. This policy goes into affect when customers doesn’t respond to emails or calls, after 30 days. By ignoring communication made by sugar feather, you forfeit the money on order. For example, if $100 of birds are bought, then ignored after 30 day period, you agree to give up the $100 and the birds to the next customer in line.


Orders made on the website are not guaranteed to be arriving at the estimate date that your tracking number has. Sugar feather farm will not refund shipping costs for items that do not arrive by the estimated time. Go on the USPS website for more information for USPS refund policy and look in 9.5.5, g. on this link. Sugar feather farm doesn’t receive any refund amount from USPS. Included in the shipping varies on animal type.

As a customer, it is your responsibility to pick up your product at the post office when they arrive.

An idea is when you receive your shipping email, it be best to contact your local USPS to give them a heads up about your order of chicks. They should call you when the order can be picked up. Estimated time that the chicks can be there is 1-3 days after shipping them from Vermont.


Shipping Information Policy

Sugar Feather Farm will ship animals and products on Monday or Tuesday generally so products don’t arrive on the weekend. We can’t guarantee this but make a best effort on this.

During checkout process, you may have options depending on animal/product. Some items such as chicks have a flat rate depending on how many are chosen at checkout. Other flat rates vary on products. Additional shipping charges apply to larger orders. As products are being shipped, customers will be emailed with a tracking number. As mentioned in the shipping policy, do not use the tracking number as estimate date. Few of the products have Priority Mail Express as the fastest option in the USPS, Sugar Feather Farm does not guarantee that shipment will be overnight.

Shipping Estimate

Predicting rates for live animals is something that isn’t easy to tell because of various factors. At Sugar Feather Farm, we work hard to give an estimate of time when products could be there however, note it’s only a guess. Buying rare breeds has a wait of several months to deliver due to them being rare and or more effort to raise. Have patience with us as animal’s behaviors could change production.

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