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Sugar Feather Farm has been in business since 2018. We don’t just sell and breed all kinds of fowl; we care and want to make a difference. Our care is funneled through education and information. We are always looking for like-minded folks who would want to work with us to create a better future for the world and pursue conservancy.  Contact us here to be a part of this mission and together, we can accomplish great things!


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Chicken Doctor Peter Brown

The Chicken Doctor – Peter Brown

Ask The Chicken, LLC. Provides diagnostic health services for poultry owners. They are also able to provide Veterinary Review Services that could provide a prescription for regulated medication for poultry use only.


The Quail Lady

Meet Alexandra: poultry scientist, author, owner and manager of Stellar Game Birds, Poultry, Waterfowl. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Sciences with a Pre-Vet, and Poultry Option from Oregon State University. She also has a Veterinarian Technician certification. Alexandra has been working with the Coturnix japonica for quite some time now and is focused on a bird that is high quality but self-sustainable. She is educated in genetics and nutrition which makes her an asset to the farm. Her interests involve genetics, nutrition, production, and anything with scientific evidence or something she can prove in the long run. She is a scientist and teacher at heart. She writes for various magazines and is a blogger for many as well. She works as a social media manager, content creator, copywriter, and copyeditor for several businesses.


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