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So generally, all orders take 5-7 weeks to process from the time you place the order. This can fluctuate based on season, or fowl behavior. We are a farm that takes a wholistic approach to our fowl. We naturally let them be who they are, and express themselves. This is one of the reasons you choose us.

First we receive your order, collect enough eggs (based on orders in process, etc) then set to incubate. General incubation is 22-24 days (for chickens, longer or shorter for all other fowl).  After hatching, we begin the growing process. In general, chicks who are born 50% are male and %50 female. Sometimes we get more males a hatch, never more females! So during the weeks leading up to your pickup, we check for the sex, issues, etc. This takes time, generally 8 weeks or maybe more.  So a total of 3.5 months for the fully feathered. Remember it includes collection, incubation, hatching, and raising. We are doing the hard work of chick rearing for you, which takes time!

Example order:

Order March 1
Collect March 10
Incubate March 15
Hatch April 12
Raise April 12 -June 15


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