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As mentioned in our policies, you can decided on how to get your refund.

Option A

You can decide to decide to get all your money with a 30% stocking fee.

Option B

The other option is turn it into store credit.
Your shipping is all refunded

If any deposit were in your order, you accepted to forfeit your deposit on cancelation of your order.

See example bellow
$100 of orders
$25 shipping

If option A is selected,
you will get $91 out of $125
If option B is selected, $100 is turned to store credit with $25 given back to you

If $25 of orders were deposits
Option A= You get $77.50 back ($100 Orders-25 Deposit=$75-30% Stocking Fee=$52.5 + $25 Shipping= $77.50)
Option B=$100 Store Credit ($100 Orders-$25 Deposit=$75+$25 Shipping=$100)

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