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Your Order is Almost Ready! – Order Update

Order Update!

Sugar Feather Farm is reaching out to give you an order update. We have been working hard on your order and the time is getting close. This email is being sent you to remind you to get ready and prepared for your new arrivals. As the shipping day becomes closer you will receive another email and text message that your order is ready to ship. That email will include instructions on what to expect.


We recommend you get your supplies needed (feeders, waterers, incubator, etc).  We can assist with recommendations, check out our tips and tricks for success.  We use daily the Oregano Oil  in the water and suggest you start your birds off and continue with that product for optimum health. Check out our blog article here on why it is so amazing. In addition, we recommend our own feed line at the farm, our birds have been raised on this feed and are used to it.  This feed is fresh Non-GMO fowl feed for all the fowl types we carry; nutrition, health, and overall well-being is important. You can order that on our website in 10b and 20lb increments or 50lb for farm pickup only.

Need help getting prepared?

Reach out to the fowl guru, she can help you get all setup and answer all those questionsnicolle and polish chicken you have. She wants you to be successful in your journey and all situations and circumstances are different.

Thank you for being a part of the Sugar Feather Farm family.


Sugar Feather Farm


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Silver Appleyard Duckling
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