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Why are your prices higher than a hatchery or my local feed store?

ASeveral reasons! First we know our genetics, backgrounds and take great measures to purchase and raise quality breeding stock. This stock is expensive and a lot of labor.  We have extra labor costs because we are not a huge hatchery – our birds are more individually cared for and require more cleaning  and maintaining. With our pricing we offer our breeders vaccinations, top feed and supplements to produce strong and healthy stock. Second it costs a lot to do farming. We spend  much time, labor and love to do this , and  feel farmers are very underappreciated and underpaid. We want to give you quality, and experience and take a unique, wholistic approach. See our  Farming Practices,  SustainabilityEducation and Wholistic pages of our site.  We also offer our fowl expertise to you for life! Once you purchase birds from us you are part of our family. We appreciate your support.


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Silver Appleyard Duckling
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