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Why are my babies dying?

The best thing to do is read through our care guide here

Temperature: Check that the temperature is not too hot/cold and is it being adjusted appropriately for their age. The  area where you have the heat should be 95-99°F for the first day or two after arrival, 95°F for the first week and then lowered 5°F each week following until heat is no longer required. Do not heat the entire brooder, they need to have an area to get away from the heat. We recommend you have food and water on one side and heat on the other. Comfortable babies will move in and out of the warm zone to regulate their temperature. For waterfowl, see their instructions 

Feed: are they on the right feed for their age and fowl type. All types of fowl have different nutritional requirements See our feed line here and we do suggest you start them out on our feed. If not we can help with some ideas. Make sure feeder is kept clean. Coccidiosis is a common issue in young birds and please be aware this can happen. 


Water: Their waterer needs to be kept clean and full of fresh water and away from the heat. You can add the Oregano Oil we carry to this water or electrolytes.. 

Brooder: Make sure the chick’s living conditions are kept clean and dry. A dirty, wet, warm environment is prime living conditions for coccidiosis. Be sure that the brooder is well ventilated and free from draft and safe from other potential dogs or cats that could harm them.

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