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Shipping Policy

Our shipping policy is made in English meaning that all items sent will have an English language

Orders made on the website are not guaranteed to be arriving at the estimate date that your tracking number has. Sugar Feather Farm will not refund shipping costs for items that do not arrive by the estimated time. Go on the USPS website for more information for USPS refund policy and look in 9.5.5, g. on this link. Sugar Feather Farm doesn’t receive any refund amount from USPS. Included in the shipping varies on animal type.

As a customer, it is your responsibility to pick up your product at the post office when they arrive.

An idea is when you receive your shipping email, it be best to contact your local USPS to give them a heads up about your order of chicks. They should call you when the order can be picked up. Estimated time that the chicks can be there is 1-3 days after shipping them from Vermont.

For full page policy, see here.

The policy shown here is a section of our policy page shown above, any difference between this section and the policy nullifies this section.


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Silver Appleyard Duckling
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