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Sexing Birds

Chickens – Sugar Feather offers sexing, identifying if the bird is male or female on our Fully Feathered birds (.) When placing your order and selecting: “Fully Feathered” click the Sexing Agreement if you chose a female bird, males are no charge extra. This fee is $5 and it states:

Sexing Agreement

Sexing birds is hard to do and only 80% accurate. We base this assumption on behavior and feathering. We don’t vet sex any of our birds. If you do end up with a male and wanted a female there are some options: we can offer you 30% credit off the purchase price of your original bird to put towards your Sugar Feather Farm account or a refund of $10 to the original form of payment. Due to biosecurity on the farm and state regulations, we are not allowed to except any birds back. You are more than welcome to order another bird, but shipping rates apply.

Ayam Cemani, Seramas, and Pavlovskaya there are no refunds or credits of any kind.

Silkies are not sexed at all so the sexing fee does not apply.

Have a rooster and don’t know what to do? There are options. Typically, if it is a bird from our farm and a rare breed you will be able to resell the bird. There are also farms that take roosters, sanctuaries, Craigslist. Keep them!  They are important to a flock! Consider having one or 2 if you are allowed. Our farm believes in animal welfare and loves our boys. Not all roosters are mean or bad. They can be an asset to your flock. Ask us for advice we can help.

Auto-Sexing Chickens: These are chickens where at birth the offspring can be identified as male and female by colorings. This is a guaranteed Male/Female

For ducks/turkeys: Our farm believes in farm welfare practices and all sexes of ducks and turkeys are important in a flock. By vent sexing a duck you can injure their reproductive systems.

For full page policy, see here.

The policy shown here is a section of our policy page shown above, any difference between this section and the policy nullifies this section.


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