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Returns and Refunds

Returns: Due to USPS office regulations, we cannot take back any live animals such as chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, guineas or quail. Only things that can be returned are un-opened feed, kombucha starter, oil of oregano, pure raw honey, quail egg scissors and t-shirts. Everything else is nonrefundable.

Refunds: When requesting a refund and it is issued, all refunds will be issued using the payment you used on your order.  Sugar Feather Farm when contacted may take a week to process this request, please be patient. Refunds on the payment side can take anywhere from 3 days to one week, we don’t have control on the processing of that refund, please contact your bank to check on this status. Sugar Feather Farm when a refund is issued on our end will send you an email and text message notifying you the order has been refunded.

Filing disputes or claims with PayPal or Credit Card:  We ask you please consider NOT doing this. Please call or email and we will gladly explain or help. We are here to assist. When you file a claim or dispute this tarnishes our business, costs us money and compromises our farm. If you are disputing the shipping fees due to USPS errors, we need to wait out their process, this takes time. Filing a claim with PayPal or bank card hurts us and does not help the situation. If you choose to file a claim or dispute you will lose the right to shop or buy with us.

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