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The time has come! Your Sugar Feather Farm order is ready to be shipped! We typically ship out orders on Tuesdays, occasionally Wednesdays. If any later in the week you risk the order coming on the weekend. This will typically happen 1-2 weeks after you receive this email unless we have contacted you for an earlier or later date. If you received this email and are concerned, please reach out!!

When we ship, you should receive an email with tracking information. Many times, this email goes to spam, so please check. All orders are USPS processed as Express for live birds, Priority Mail or Priority Express for all other items. We do the fastest, safest shipping possible.

When the order arrives at the Post Office, they will call for pickup. This goes for hatching eggs too. For the fowl, we supplied plenty of food/water/heat and solution (it is a green gel that keeps them hydrated).  When they arrive open the box at the post office to make sure they are ok, if not take a pic right away and report to postmaster and have them file a USPS claim. This should not happen but just in case of any issues we want you to be prepared. You can leave the box slightly open for fresh air and light if you are able to for the drive home. When you get home give them access to water immediately, then a couple hours later some food, hydration is critical. For hatching eggs see our egg incubation guide for tips.

Reminder to check out our  care guides

About your ship day of the week:

    • Tuesdays are the estimated SHIP date (not the arrival date). Expect your live animals to arrive 1-3 days after they have been shipped, and for hatching eggs for Priority mail up to a week and for Priority Express 1-3 days. Keep a flexible schedule the week of your scheduled shipment so you can pick your fowl up as soon as the Post Office calls you.
    • USPS as you know is going through some major changes and we as consumers need to be proactive. We recommend you keep a close eye on tracking and notify your local PO you are receiving live animals and what they need to do. When the live animals and eggs leave us, they are in good health, comfy and ready to go. We work directly with our state to have a smooth process but are unable to control things after that.

What to expect on my shipping day:

    • We know that you are excited to receive your order, but shipping day is extremely hectic for our small crew. We have a strict schedule to follow to meet shipping deadlines. Be mindful of this when contacting us on shipping day. We are generally closed.  We will update you on the status of your order when we have an update to provide.
    • Please limit your reason for contact to important order corrections or emergencies only (such as correcting your shipping address/phone number, natural disasters, etc). Once orders are finalized in the morning we cannot make any adjustments, even in the event of an emergency, so contact us as soon as possible.
    • If we cannot ship your order for any reason, we will notify you via email
    • Tracking information: we do not have your tracking number available until we print shipping labels. After your order has been entered into the USPS system, you will receive a shipping confirmation email that includes your tracking number.
    • Make yourself available on your scheduled ship date by phone or email so we can contact you if necessary.
  • Keep in mind
    • We are selling our fowl based on what we predict will hatch several weeks/months ahead of time. While we try to be as accurate as possible, we can guess wrong. We monitor laying and hatching trends to predict any shortages before they occur, but we often do not know until we have our final counts on ship day. If the possibility of having your order rescheduled is a concern to you, please let us know so we can discuss options prior to your ship date. We cannot bump your order ahead of other customers, who are also waiting patiently for their order, but we can work with you to see what changes can be made to the order, such as substituting breeds, in the event of a shortage.
  • Season and Weather
    • We need to be aware of extreme weather conditions when shipping. If it is too hot or cold and you receive this email we should consider shipping a better week. Make sure to let us know. Our #1 concern is the safety of the eggs and birds. We want to make sure they get to you safely and alive.

Have all of your supplies ready before you pick up your fowl.

Please revisit our terms and conditions and FAQ pages for more information.

We offer shipping to all US States and Farm Pickup! Spring 2023 Ordering Open!


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