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We wanted to provide information on baby Quail and quail in general, and how orders work. So generally, all orders take 5-7 weeks to process from the time you order. This can fluctuate based on season, higher demand breeds or fowl behavior. We are a farm that takes a wholistic approach to our fowl. We naturally let them be who they are and express themselves. This is one of the reasons you choose us. See our Quail care guide here.

For live quail we collect enough eggs (based on orders in process, etc) then set to incubate. General incubation is 18-20 days. After hatching, we make sure the babies are off to a good start. If the breed is backordered or in high demand, this time will be longer. When the order is getting ready you will receive an email in advance, giving you time to prepare. Final email will be letting you know how to prepare for delivery or pick-up and will be ready to ship or pickup 1–2-week timeframe.

Feed and Supplement Recommendations:

Want to get your Quail off to a good start?, our quail are Non-GMO raised. We offer excellent feed specifically for quail and gamebirds and our chick feed is already ground to the perfect texture for their little beaks! We have a grower and adult feed as well.

In addition, we recommend using our Oil of Oregano in the water. Gut health is very important to quail.

We also have some tips and tricks for success. Thank you again for your order!

A friendly reminder, watch this video to better understand how Sugar Feather Farm process orders regarding gamebirds.


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