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Insurance and Guarantee

Ducklings and goslings ship very well. We have no control over the treatment the fowl receive once they leave us, all shipments and fowl are insured for loss, damage, or shortage occurring in route this is a basic insurance up to $100. If your order is over $100 additional insurance is purchased. If any issues occur during transit, please make your insurance claim though the USPS. We suggest opening that box right there in front of the postal worker, if there is an issue have them make a claim right there! If any chicks arrive with complications not incurred by the post office, promptly send us pictures of the chicks and the box/label with explanation to our email ( with your order number in the subject line. We will review and if determined our errors, a credit will be issued. Extra babies sent not included. No refunds/credit will be given for the shipping charge, if sending out any replacements, you will need to pay shipping fee.

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Silver Appleyard Duckling
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