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High Demand Breeds

Certain breeds we carry have a higher demand than usual. This can be because of popularity, rarity of bird, flock size or egg lay rates. So, this means for hatching eggs we assess the orders already placed and determine when we can fill it then work on collecting eggs. For babies, we set the eggs then it will take at least 22 days till hatch (quail/20 duck/turkey/guinea 29, goose 34). Then we give them a week to acclimate. If there are orders ahead those will be filled first. For fully feathered it is those days plus the typical 5-8 week growing period, so roughly 3 months. The general timeline above applies but can be extended if there are already orders in place or we have a bird that is in higher demand (Ayam Cemani, Polish, Serama, Icelandic). Expect to wait longer than usual for these breeds during the seasons, the farm is not required on these breeds to abide by the normal timeframes. Pre-ordering the high demand breeds is a good idea so when the season arrives your order processes first.

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Silver Appleyard Duckling
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