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Hatching Eggs

All hatching eggs are shipped via USPS. For shipping speed, you can select 2 options. USPS Standard Priority Mail, insured up to $50 included. Second option is Priority Mail Express 1-3 day guaranteed with insurance up to $100.  We ship hatching eggs generally on Monday or Tuesday, never at the end of the week, as we want our eggs to leave as soon as possible to get to you fresh!  Due to Covid-19 things are taking longer with us and USPS. We package our eggs securely to prevent breakage, but rough handling during shipping and some may still break. Our birds are healthy and produce nice strong eggs that ship extremely well. We test fertility here at our farm, but because of conditions beyond our control (Including USPS handling, fluctuation of temperatures, your incubation practices, etc…) we cannot guarantee development or hatch rates after the eggs have left our farm. A fertilized egg can’t show development for various reasons including those listed above, and once the egg has been incubated you cannot tell by cracking it that it was an unfertilized egg. Please only purchase hatching eggs from us if you understand our hatching eggs policy! Shipping eggs is always a risk. We recommend purchasing live babies from us if you want a guaranteed number of live fowl.  Any eggs that are damaged during shipment are nonrefundable, however if mishandled and damaged we can try to file a claim with USPS for the damage. You will need to submit a claim directly with USPS, be sure to take pictures of the eggs, and box damage.

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