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Hatching Eggs Processing

We wanted to provide information on hatching eggs and how orders work. So generally, all orders take 5-7 weeks to process from the time you order. This can fluctuate based on season or fowl behavior. We are a farm that takes a wholistic approach to our fowl. We naturally let them be who they are, and express themselves. This is one of the reasons you choose us.

First we receive your order, collect enough eggs (based on orders in process, etc) and then get ready to ship. We only ship fresh eggs so this takes some time to have enough to fill the order. If you are in need of them right away or have any special circumstances. Please make sure to leave a note in checkout or contact us promptly.

Read here about egg care and some incubation tips.

We will keep in touch with you on the status of your order. Haven’t heard? No news is good news! You are welcome to reach out here if you would like an update.

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